Monday, November 16, 2009

Star Athlete

A while ago I fed my baby crack habit, and purchased the PP bathtime hippo set for Isaac. It has four different round toys that go in one bigger hippo that floats. Isaac took an instant liking to one of the round toys, a red and clear ball with a small yellow fish inside. He started throwing it and crawling after it.

The little ball disappeared for a few days and in the meantime, Isaac found a similar toy in the cat toys: a blue and white ball with a small gray mouse inside. I couldn't be one to let my son play with the kitty toys, so the next time I was at Tar.get, I found a set of 4 larger foam balls: one basketball, one soccer ball, one baseball, and one football.


And he is already showing signs of being a sports enthusiast:

And you can be sure his Daddy is THRILLED. :)

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Stacie said...

OMG, he's so cute! He catches the ball!! How cool is that?