Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treating is HARDWORK!

Isaac's second Halloween costume was the cutie pumpkin baby you see, courtesy of his grandma C. The first costume was just too chilly for evening on the coast. He liked this one much better, but was not so happy when Mommy was painting his cheeks. I mean once I did one, I had to do the other... :)
He started off very well, taking his picture next to his kitty pumpkin and Dozer (who looks kinda like a demon dog in this picture...).
He was excited in the stroller, and didn't know exactly what to make of the costumes and lights and music and all the people out and about.
30 minutes after we started, he ended up like this:

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Stacie said...

Those are great pictures of Isaac! He makes a perfect little pumpkin :)