Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Tree or Not to Tree

That is my question.

Remember how I love Christmas? And that I didn't get a tree last year? :(

I was completely planning on getting a tree this year. I have so many new ornaments that must be displayed, since I have had almost 2 years to collect them. And I have a good amount of "baby-safe" ornaments that he can pull off the tree.

And then someone said that unless I have a baby gate around the tree, I should rethink it, period.


I talked about it with Ben. It kinda makes sense. I can see my baby pulling the tree down...over, and over, and over.... He's a pretty strong kid.

Sigh. So now I face a major conundrum (Did I use that word correctly? I hope so! It sounded fun and I wanted to use it. :) )

We talked about nixing the tree this year. Not the best option in my opinion. Another option is to block it with a baby gate of sorts, but we really don't have the space. I wouldn't want the gate right around the tree, just surrounding the area. I am not even sure how that would work. I would essentially be creating a "tree room" in my living room. A third option is to anchor the tree. Either with an exceptionally heavy and sturdy base, or to tether the tree to the wall or ceiling. This option is the one that gets my vote.

But I don't really know what that entails either. Or if it would be too much work and trouble.

I had a hard enough time without a Christmas tree last year. I already have to forego the snow (The only downfall of Cali.fornia weather. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without snow. And to be clear I don't like blizzard amounts. Just enough to make it a white Christmas. And only at Christmas.).

I really, really, want my tree.


Anonymous said...

We're getting a tree and not putting a baby gate up. It's just something he's going to have to learn not to touch. I'm envisioning lots of distractions of toys in the vicinity. :)

The Grady Chronicles said...

Of course you need a tree for Isaac's first Christmas!!! I didn't even think about the whole keep him away from the tree thing. We will probably put a gate up.

Nanette said...

We're in the same boat. I'd love a tree, but Em will be all u so up on it so we'd HAVE to use a baby gate. And we don't have the space for such a thing, so no tree for us this year.

Aimee said...

Get A Tree!!! I thought the same thing when Rylan was little, and I am thankful I tried it for his first Christmas. The reason being as he got older it wasn't something new to him and although he loves to touch things he learned that was hands off. I do put "kid friendly" things at the bottom of the tree for him to admire and touch now.

Andrea said...

You should definitely get a tree! I vote for option 3. I don't know what we'll do about Christmas trees when Evan is big enough to move around, but I can't imagine putting gates around one or going without a tree altogether!