Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Many Hats of Isaac Lahman

He wears many hats, mainly because I make him. Or at least make him try them on at Tar.get. :) He likes it. He hams it up most times. MOST times. Sometimes he is just plain mad or annoyed. I think I am into the hats because they are really the only accessory that you can get away with on a baby boy. Well, that and shoes. But baby shoes are expensive. And in my opinion a waste of money until they are walking.

Anyway, the point is I put lots of hats on my baby. :) He's a hat wearing boy. The hospital started it, when he was born and they put the little yellow knit hat on him. He just looked so darn cute. I simply continued it. And he has tons that are just coming up in size.

And we don't always buy all the hats. We just have lots of fun trying them on...the ones we do buy, I wash the heck out of them. :) I am sure other people do what I do.

And incidently, the first picture was taken the day he was born. The last one was taken yesterday night.


The Grady Chronicles said...

Wow- that really is a lot of hats!!!! I love that you do this with him- it is something he will remember and look forward to for years to come!!!

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