Saturday, November 21, 2009

For Anissa

I don't personally know Anissa.

I found her blog through a blogroll of a blog on another blogroll....and so on. I was instantly drawn to her wit and sassiness. I began to follow her at Aiming Low and Twitter. I have never met her, but I have a story that I would love to tell her.

One day I read a tweet from her that commented on TNT's cleverness at censorship. She made a remark about how they edited one of Sam.uel L. Jack.son's lines from "Sn.akes on a P.lane." to something about "monkey fighting snakes" since it was on primetime. Gotta keep it clean for the kiddies. Clever, huh?

We exchange a few comments about how SLJ was himself, one bad "monkey fighter." It made me laugh.

A few weeks later, Isaac and I were in the local grocery. He was riding in the cart, squealing like he always does, laughing, swinging his legs, and drawing the attention of other customers, especially women. One woman approached the cart and said to him and me "Isn't he just a little monkey fighter!"

Umm.....I must have looked shocked to no end, enraged, and horrified. The woman took a step back, and just as I was about to retaliate, I looked at Isaac.

He was wearing camo pants with a matching shirt that had a monkey on it. And monkey shoes.

Oh. I got it.

Deep breath. I laughed it off and said to her "why yes, I guess he does look like a member of an army of monkeys."

I just couldnt' bring myself to call my sweet baby a "monkey fighter."

I was shocked and saddened to hear what had happened to Anissa. I hope she gets better soon so I can share this with her!


The Grady Chronicles said...

And it all changes in a single moment.....

Aimee said...

Gulp. Oh my what did you just get me into reading Sara. Such a sad story. Gonna put her in my prayers tonight.

Maylily18 said...

sorry. :( i know, it's heartbreaking.