About Me

Hey there!

My name is Sara, and I am the author of this blog. My husband is Ben. We have been married since 2005 and have been together since high school. Our beautiful baby boy is Isaac and he was born in January 2009. We have two cats, Guiliani and Layla, and a high-spirited wolf, I mean...Siberian Husky, named Luna Lu. We are the Lahman's, pronounced Lay-man. Get it? :)

I am many things...a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a scientist, a graduate student pursuing a PhD, a baker...and I try to write about all these things. I have changed my mind quite a bit about what I want life to be like, but I finally feel like I have found my niche. I know where I, and my family, belong. All of sudden the things that didn't make sense, have started to. I like that.

I write about so many different things, I can't list them all. I say what I feel. I write for me. I am not always funny or witty or clever. But I am always honest. And I put it in Lahman's terms.