Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have heard alot of beautiful things in my lifetime. I have heard beautiful melodies and lyrics. I have heard heartfelt words. I have heard honest utterings.

Few things compared to the first time I heard my baby cry.

Until today.

I was in the kitchen, making crack (aka candied pecans....not real crack). Isaac was in his walker playing with his blocks and throwing veggie snack sticks on the floor and rolling over them, because that is fun. We were having a little conversation.

I turned away and went to the other side of the counter, out of his direct line of view.


So beautiful, I almost cried.

After months and months of "Dada...Daddy...Baba....itty", I finally got a "Mama."

It was a beautiful day.


Amanda said...

That is most definitely a beautiful day!

CJ said...

LUcky you!

Stacie said...

Aww, how precious. I remember the first time I heard Laney say, "mama". It brought tears to my eyes.

Just wait until Isaac says, "mommy". That will blow you away too.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Awesome! Soak it up, Mama!