Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me No Likey!

I talk alot about the things that my baby likes, things that make him laugh. He's a happy baby. But there are things of which Isaac is not so much a fan. This morning I was reminded of one such thing.

Isaac hates trash bags. I was changing the trash in the kitchen while Isaac was in his walker before leaving for the day. I shook out the new trash bag, and man oh man, did he remind me how much he did not like that! He screamed and started crying. Dually noted, little man. Mommy will never change the trash again!

He doesn't like bananas. At all. Mashed, pureed, chunked. Hates em. I have to hide them amongst other food in trickery. When I give him the chunks, he seriously picked around them, eating only the cheerios.

And um, he doesn't like sleep. Seriously. It is ridiculous how much this kid fights sleep. It gets pretty ugly at night when bedtime rolls around. This does not bode well for us.

He doesn't like to sit and read books. He loves books, just not in a sitting position. We have to read books laying on our backs on Mommy's and Daddy's bed.

And Isaac does not like having shirts pulled over his head. He cries when we are either doing this to dress him or undress him.

It is absolutely fascinating to me to watch as this little person's personality continues to develop and shine through; all these little likes and dislikes that make him uniquely him. They make him the little guy that I love. They make him uniquely my baby boy, different from everyone else.

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