Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Before I say anything about the actual topic I am writing about today, I want to say something else.

Yesterday, I was not in the best of moods. I was cranky. And TIRED. And irritated with the world. And I didn't write yesterday's post about anyone or any blog in particular. I am sorry if I offended anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. I especially was not referring to any one of the brilliant women on my blogrolls (or men..there are a few of them too).

Now. What I was really going to say.

Ever since Isaac was a newborn, I have given him eskimo kisses. And I sing the "let's rub noses" song to him. It makes him laugh because my hair tickles him.

As he has grown, he learned what was coming when I say "Eskimo!" Just the other day, he started to lean into my face and put his nose up against mine. Even if I am not that close by, he will crawl over to me.

It melts my heart. :) And makes me feel like I can, as a mother, actually teach my child something.


Stacie said...

Please trust me, Isaac will learn a LOT just by watching you. Give it some time, you will be so surprised. It's so amazing. They're minds are on overdrive 24/7.

That sounds so adorable what he does when you say "Eskimo!".

Nancy said...

I love this. I often rub my little girl's nose with mine, but I never say "Eskimo." I'm going to start.