Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Crack

Someone needs to alert the police to Satan's minyons at work down at the Pri.ce HQ....they are known distributors of baby crack...or should I say Mommy crack?

Our drug of choice? Precious Planet. Had I known that this collection would arrive soon after my newborn arrival, I would have held off on several purchases to acquire this collection. And my husband informs me that I am not, under any means, to buy an additional swing, play pen, bouncer, jumperoo....etc. I think he threw in the words "baby spending allowance" and "therapy."

Seriously, I can't stop buying the stuff. While I am forbidden on the larger scale items, I have snuck in quite a few of the smaller ones. And like a typical addict, the receipts and goods are well hidden. So far we have scored some kick butt dope in the form of hooded towels, wash clothes, a monkey bank, 2 blankets, a slew of bibs...and this:

And I am totally blaming this gal for enabling my addiction because she tweeted this link and being the twittering fool I am, I fell right into her drug ring. (Note: I don't know if this was the EXACT link, but it's pretty darn close...I followed it from my blackberry and the internet is sometimes not so hot in that form.)

Yep, this adorable little piano that Isaac can play with his feet gave me my next buzz. And I think him, too. He loves it! He's like a little Moza.rt. And see how entranced Sophie is with his masterpieces?

Ah, but the high only lasts so long and I am already looking to score my next buzz. And soon...I'm starting to shake like a dope fiend. I am thinking it's the bath toys. Those are small and seem easy enough to hide. What I really want is the booster chair. If I get really bold in my habit, it might end up in my house sooner than later. Perhaps I can distract the hubs with something from his Daddy crack habit (Ahem! Sta.te).....

DISCLAIMER: If I have enabled any fellow FPPP baby crack addicts, I am not sorry. If I'm going down, I am taking y'all with me! Also note, if you purchase any of said FPPP baby crack and post pictures on your blog, or even mention it, you best have an alarm system because my habit might force me to score my next buzz at your house. Or least I will be insanely jealous. :)

DISCLAMER #2: If you work for FP, I realize and fully admit that you don't ACTUALLY sell crack to babies or mothers for that matter. All in good fun, my friends. Don't call the FP peeps if you really are looking for crack.


Andrea said...

Love this post! And that piano is awesome....I think I know what Evan is going to have in his crib!!

Thanks so much for your comments on my posts about GD. It's been a rough week for me and your comments have made me feel less alone. I did respond to your latest comment about what type of blood test machine I have. My husband was going to check today to see if our insurance will cover a nicer model since after using the One Touch Ultra2 we've seen how cruddy the one we own is! Too bad our insurance doesn't cover test strips and needles for the One touch.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Well, if that is baby crack, I think it's perfectly healthy!

Seeing them light up over a toy is just as much crack for us as it is for them!

The Grady Chronicles said...

Ha! Well, if it makes you feel any better I will soon be on my way out to buy that little piano. Now that we are a crib baby......we ABSOLUTELY NEED that toy! (Umm even if we weren't yet a crib baby, after viewing the edible picture of Isaac playing with the piano we would still ABSOLUTELY NEED the toy).

I also wish I could go back and redo my registry with the PP merch. Soooo cute!

Gail said...

That Baby Crack looks like a tough addition to shake.

Isaac is so cute and he's so going to be a foot-piano playing virtuoso. I'll be front row at his first foot-piano concert!