Sunday, November 1, 2009

Next Year I Will Be the One Handing Out Parenting Tips for Halloween

My brother in law and I took Isaac trick or treating on Saturday night. I did not have high expectations, and honestly didn't expect to get candy or anything. We went to Flo.renc.e Ave, which was INSANE. All the homes were completely decked out.

Isaac had two costumes, both of which will be shown in photos once I download them from the camera. During the day, he was Ji.m Tre.ssel, the OS.U foo.tball, and by night he went back to being my little pumpkin. :) The daytime costume was not warm enough.

Anyway, we put him in the stroller and walked up the street. We only went to houses that I could push him to. He got a few little treats that he can have, like little crackers. We got a few pieces of candy. And I got some much appreciated, unsolicited advice:

"Don't you know your baby can NOT have candy?"

Why no! Thank you kind lady! I was going to shove a whole bar into his mouth! Thank heavens you stopped me, just in the nick of time! And what a great idea, handing out advice for Halloween!

I mean seriously. I didn't take candy from anyone. People put the candy in Isaac's teeny pail. Most people said it was for me or BIL. Trick or Treat this year was more for the experience and to get him out. We only went to a few houses before Isaac passed out. And then we went home. And there were many other babies out.

Anyway, I will take the blame. I took my 9 month old baby out trick or treating. I dressed him up and I brought him to your house for a Halloween greeting. I will let you criticize me and think you are setting me straight.

But next year, I am totally stealing your idea and handing out advice.


The Grady Chronicles said...

lol Too funny!

Stacie said...

I swear, the nerve of some people. I think that's great that you still took Isaac out for the experience...the experience is for you too.

My co-worker lives in Sebastopol.

Aimee said...

totally feel your pain. Same thing happened to me. UGH.