Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Has All The Hunger Gone?

Today I am 18 weeks preggers. I will try to comemorate the day with a belly shot. I still have the 17 week belly on my camera....but I haven't had the time to post it yet.

Anyway, ever since the good old doctor told me that I needed to drink way way more, I have been. I used to drink what I thought was quite a bit: a glass of milk or coke in the morning (Hey! Sometimes I need the caffeine, ok?), a juice or water at lunch, water in the afternoon, milk or juice with dinner, and more water before bed. It is still the same but with added in water. For instance, today I drank some sprite this morning (my tummy hurt a little), a water before lunch, a pomegranate lemonade with lunch (so, so good), and I just refilled my water bottle again. So my doctor would definately be happy with me....I have already peed 5 times today.

However, my hunger has lulled. My tummy is so full of liquid, there doesn't seem to be much room for food. I am trying to munch here and there and still eating lunch and dinner, but breakfast has been harder (it has always been hard for me to eat breakfast...I don't think my stomach wakes up along with the rest of my body).

I guess I am slightly concerned that I am not eating enough. :( I know Peanut is getting bigger, as my belly is. But still. I will mentioned to the doctor next week.

Other than that the week has been ok....better than last week for sure. My bridesmaid dress came! And it fits in all the big places...and that is about it. I have to chop about a foot of fabric off of it, and take in the shoulders. I have also decided that a small panel of leftover fabric needs to be sewn into the v-neck to prevent any appearances of certain body parts during the wedding.

I have actually gotten alot done this week, at least in terms of househould administrative things that needed to be done...aka phone calls to credit cards and other agencies, filling prescriptions, organizing finances, etc. I even planned out a menu for grocery shopping, which I haven't done in AGES (more like months, but still....feels like forever.)

Ben and I are communicating alot better this week and the outlook is much better than I previously thought. I will keep thinking positively and sending out good vibes....come on law of attraction.

I still haven't been sleeping very well though. :( Therefore, neither are the kitties. Layla was sleeping on the bed with me the other night, and she has been alot more cuddly. (Sidenote: I was just informed at the shelter event that I went to that she was abused! Apparently her old owner beat her and threw her outside to rid her. Then the poor little kitty got knocked up and kept coming back because she was hungry and such. Finally the lady brought her into the shelter. :( Seriously, who does that? From there, she had to be fixed and the kittens terminated because she was too small and sickly to give birth to them (I knew that part). Poor little thing!)

Oh, and I went to Target the other day and I always scope out the baby stuff. This visit I chose to look at breast pumps and bottles. I seriously FREAKED OUT. I was so overwhelmed by the different kinds of pumps, bottles, nipples, sterilizers, warmers, liners....I thought my head was going to explode. I realized I knew NOTHING about these things and have started reading about them online. I even found a website that allows you to compare the different kinds of pumps side by side. It also leads you through the different features and things you may want in a pump.

Despite my increasing knowledge, next time I go into Target, I think I will look at booties and socks. :)

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