Monday, September 29, 2008


That was meant to be said in a whiny voice.

I am so freakin exhausted. It was such a busy, busy weekend and it went by too fast. After the ultrasound on Friday, it seemed as though I was on the phone for the rest of the night, which I probably was. Ben and I did go out to eat downtown So.noma. On Saturday I had my last training for the Marine Mammal Center. Then I went downtown to shop for last minute things for my upcoming trip with friend D. It was late when I got home. On Sunday, I somehow had convinced myself to volunteer at the animal shelter adoption and info booth. I think it is because I miss the kitties :(. Anyhow, that was fine, but since it was at a fair in the square (ha! that rhymes!), I couldn't really drive and park (there was a parade too). I convinced Ben to drop me off and I would walk home. This was a fine idea, except it was 95 degrees and I don't have shorts that fit anymore. I was so icky when I got home. Then I had to go to Target. Then I had to do laundry. It goes on and on. I didn't get to rest until about 10 last night. And then I didn't sleep very well because I kept thinking of all the stuff that needed to get done. I woke up when Ben's alarm went off and couldn't go back to sleep. Sucko.

Today has been so busy as well. I have so much work stuff to get done before I leave. I have been taking small breaks to update bills, print out travel info, buy attraction tickets, etc. Tonight is my yoga class and I have a feeling there will be a nap during shavasna. Then I have to go to the bank and the grocery store. And I see more laundry in my future. Tomorrow bodes the small, except that I have my final presentation for the MMC and graduation. Remind me again why I thought it would be a good idea to leave SFO at 7 am on Thursday? That means I have to get up at 3 to leave at 4 to be at the airport by 5:30. :(

Baby Boy has been kicking up a storm today. I feel him take his naps every so often, but he has been very active today. :) I love feeling him move around.

Ugh, I just want to lay down and sleeeeeeeeppppppp!

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