Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Musings and Thoughts

This post won't really have any structure. I just have a bunch of floopy thoughts in my head and am so exhausted that I can't really form a coherent flow.

I feel the baby move all the time now. My husband is anxious is feel him move. Everytime I start to feel him, I put my hands on where he is and cross my fingers. No such luck yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I can tell when he wakes up in the morning cause he really starts his little flips and kicks. He's a little athlete already. :)

We spent alot of money in the past two months. October is going to be tight. Especially with my 2 weeks off (I only get paid for 1). Hopefully, there will be a bonus in the near future as I just finished two ginormous projects on my own and am starting a third. I redid our budget again. I feel better when I look at the numbers and figure things out. It makes me feel more in control. I am a control freak. Our savings account is now frozen in place as "the baby fund." I am not taking money out or putting money in until I go back to work after maternity leave. We have enough to pay for Peanut and our bills if I didn't work the entire leave. Right now any extra money is paying down debt. By the time the baby comes we will have paid off a huge chunk, which is more than what we paid in total last year. I am determined.

I am still craving gravy like a dope fiend. And Orangina. I drank like 7 bottles this weekend. I think I am over the Rice Krispie stage, but am still consuming mini Nestle Crunches every morning.

I bought our tickets to go out to the Statue of Liberty for next Monday! My other 2 NYC landmark choices are Serendipity and Central Park. My husband wants to get a bratwurst, a meatball sub, and a NY strip steak. Those were his choices. Hopefully I will make it to H&M as I hear they have a maternity section in the big one. :) I need sweaters.

I organized our baby stuff the other night. all the clothes and cloth things got put in a tupperware. We already have alot. Ben and I talked about what we want to get to bring him home in. :) Ben wants to get really cool jammies. Sweet little baby boy. :) We also talked about nursery "themes." I use this word lightly because I am fickle. I like variety. And I don't like the pastel cutesy colors being dominant. I looked at some stuff online, but there still isn't a whole lot the just jumps out at me. We will see what my mom and I find on Sunday.

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The Grady Chronicles said...

Congratulations on your baby boy! We are having a boy too!