Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Belly Shots

So I know I have been slacking in putting up the belly shots. Here is my excuse. I am not the best photographer. Neither is my husband. Therefore, more often than not, our pictures need cropped and other wonderful photoshop editing before they can be presented to the world. With that said, I have photshop on my laptop and on our desktop. However, my laptop hates the internet, so I can edit the pictures on my laptop, but there they sit. The desktop is in our guest room, no where near the couch. Get where I am going with this? Although I use my husband's laptop, I am not about to ask if I can put photoshop onto it (I pick my battles).

So without further ado:

The 17 week belly shot:

Some things of note in this picture: I had to take it myself in the mirror. That is why it looks blurry. Apparently I just shake for no reason at all. Also, I had to twist slightly to get my arms into position to hold the camera, so my belly is actually appearing smaller than it is. Oh, and see how big the ta-tas are becoming? :( On a fun note: see the new down comforter in the background? :)

And the 18 week belly shot: Ben took this one. I think I look mis-shapen as he cut off my upper body completely. Also Guiliani has made an appearance. He is such a clingy kitty. :)

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