Friday, September 19, 2008

The Monthly Sigh of Relief

Ok, I don't know if this is just me, or other pregnant first-time moms feel this way, but every month when I go into the doctor and hear the wonderful galloping heartbeat of my baby, I smile and feel an immediate rush of relief. Kinda like "Yes! I made it through another month and the baby is ok!"

Now I am probably just a teeny (or a ton) paranoid because this is my first baby, and I don't know what is normal and what isn't. My mother can tell me until she is blue in the face that everything is ok, and no, Guiliani using me as a trampoline in the middle of the night will not hurt the baby, but I still worry about things that are probably (and most often) perfectly fine. I am a worry wort and a control freak about certain things. I want to be a good mother, and that starts now, while Peanut is still flutter-kicking in my uterus.

It is just a big relief to me, to hear that I have kept my baby safe for another 4 weeks, like I want to be doing.

So yeah, my doctor's appointment was yesterday. And I was right in saying that it was going to be uneventful. We went over the results of my AFP screening, which were all negative. We talked about my ultrasound next week and what to expect. We talked about my evil dentist and why it was good to cancel the massive quantities of drilling she wanted to do. We listened to Peanut's heartbeat, which has gotten so much louder and so fast. :) Good little Peanut.

The only thing of concern was my weight gain. I gained 1.5 pounds since my last visit. Now, I should say that in the beginning when I was nauseous, I lost 15 pounds. This was between my first and second visit. Then I had gained probably 10 or 12 of that back. Now I am almost at my original weight....but the belly is growing. The doctor was not overly concerned with this, and he said that he ideally wanted me to gain about 2 pounds per month in the upcoming months. That puts my total pregnancy weight gain at 20-25 pounds, with about 7 of that being baby (hopefully!). He said I am doing fine, just to make sure I am getting enough to eat. I told him that I haven't been hungry too often because I have been drinking so much. He said to drink more milk and that should help.

And Peanut is moving up a storm this afternoon. I have been stationary most of the day, becuase we had a big project meeting. Ever since I started typing this, I feel Peanut about 2 inches below my belly button and to the right. It feels so wonderful. :)

Only 6 more days till we find out Peanut's flavor! :)


The Grady Chronicles said...

I feel the same relief after I hear the heartbeat. The first time they listened they found it right away so I thought this was normal. When I went at 16 weeks we heard nothing for a few minutes- I was panicking!!!! Then she explained to me how small the baby still was and how she literally had to search for the baby- we were just lucky the first time. That and then finding the heartbeat = instant relief!

I guess I have been lucky with Old Navy- as I am short too, the regular length is a little too long and the short length would be a little too short. I also feel huge in the clothes, but I am comfortable and not trying to squeeze into my regular clothes anymore which was SO uncomfortable.

That would be super if you could find out about the Sudafed! I am really missing the punch of the alcohol filled Nyquil.....this Robitussin DM is some weak stuff!!!!

SN said...

I feel the same thing too! BIG sighs of relief after each appointment - and even after each kick! I'm right there with you.