Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ah, a word I have heard frequently used by best friend Z, and perfect to describe my current state of clutter.

As you may recall, I was recently concerned about the quantity of shimmer powders/lotions that I noticed on my dresser. Several of these products were rarely used or unopened. Why did I have them? Lord only knows. Why was I holding on to them? I AM A FREAKING PACK RAT.

I have definately entered into my nesting phase. I want to clean, clean, clean. And in efforts to do so, I have made a very important discovery.

I HAVE TOO MUCH CRAP. and it is mostly unneccessary crap (aka. the shimmer powders).

Maybe I didn't think it was unneeded at some point in my life, and maybe I am just going through a life-change, but still. I have never wondered where we spent all our money. Needless to say, most of it has to go. Examples of my cluster#*k, you ask?

Example 1: I cleaned out my makeup collection yesterday. Previously I had about three containers full of makeup products, again most of them unused. In all fairness, the majority of them were free gifts with purchase. However, they still needed to go. I took everything out of the containers and took inventory. 9 unused lipsticks. 9. I rarely wear lipstick. I tried on all 9 colors and picked one pale and one dark to keep. 10 lip glosses from various points in my VS career, along with 4 free sample glosses, some used and some not so much. Anything that was sticky and icky along the opening got pitched. All the free samples went into the trash. I kept 3. I had countless eyeshadows (I really didn't count them all) acquired from the same situations. I took survey of the colors, kept 5 individual colors and 3 palates (this may seem like alot, but it is truly a small percentage of what I had). I tossed mascaras, liners, powders, cremes. It was seriously ridiculous how much stuff I had.

Example 2: Cars. Now, this case is not as extreme, but I think 4 vehicles for two people is a bit extreme and is taking leaps toward becoming one of those white trash families with 17 broken down cars in their front yards. We have my car and my husband's car. We have the 1961 Thund.erbir.d that was a gift/bonus. And then there is the indestructable grand prix which was pronounced dead in order for a new car to be obtained for my husband, then was miraculously brought back to life and somehow ended up in our parking lot about 2 weeks ago. Now, Califo.rnia law specifies that you can't get registration on a car until you provide proof of insurance. This is not a huge deal except when you are already paying up the wazoo for car insurance on the two cars you have to have full coverage on and are not the best driver (I can admit this, and I have never claimed to be a great driver). Consequently, we have filed planned nonoperation on the T-bird and grand prix. So we can't really drive them. I don't want to get rid of the T-bird, but the grand prix can go. I have pestered my husband to take care of this. The cars are his domain and the only thing I ask him to have control over (or the only thing I let him...either or).

Those are the two things that I dealt with this weekend. Well, yesterday. There are several dozen areas more that this term can be applied to appropriately.

It's like a disease. :(


zarafa said...

hahaha i was totally expecting something smaller for the second example. like too many bras, or too many dvds or something like that.

my solution is to always get a place with a basement. basements are fantastic for storing clusterf*@K items. like too much yarn, or fabric, or whatever. probably not cars though...

Maylily18 said...

well yes, i do have too many bras... i have not tackled that area yet. it will be scary when i do and will probably call you in tears. :)