Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Start Of Baby Mayhem

Yesterday Ben and I went to Babies R Us to begin our registery. I know it is a bit early as both our showers are months away, but the next few months prove very busy and stressful for both of us. We agreed earlier that we would choose the larger items together, and then I would take care of the rest with someone else, which incidently turns out to be my mom and best friend in Ohio! :)

So we signed up at the registery station, along with some other people who I had some qualms with but oh well. While I was filling out the paperwork, Ben wandered around the store only to return and say "Man, this $h!! is expensive." I calmly explained that it always is with a first baby and that is why you register. A few minutes and several instructions later, we were armed with the zappy gun and plenty of info, along with the list of things that I had been scoping out online, and heading into the depths of baby mayhem.

Ben had a lot of fun pushing the strollers around. I should say that he was racing them around, taking hairpin turns, and crashing them into columns and shelving to "test their durablity." He actually finds things wrong with products that I would never even think to look for. We chose our stroller/travel system, high chair, play yard, swing, crib, and changing table. Those were the big things on my list. Since he likes to use the zappy gun (who doesn't!?), we also chose a bath tub and one of those floor entertainment thingies (don't remember what it was called). And I really, really wanted one of those Fisher Price Wonder Aquariums for the crib. After that we called it a day.

We decided that we want to get a new dresser set for our bedroom, and give the baby our old one. Ben says it can easily be refinished, so that is what we are going to do. I am excited to go back and finish our registery once we know if we are having an Anthony or a Madeline. :)

On a completely different note, the next few months are going to be pretty hard on us, both mentally and financially. The is a large impending debt that potentially looms in the horizon, that I was unaware of until this week. It has been causing my husband a great deal of stress (which is a gross understatement), and has been on his mind for weeks. He finally told me about it, and I am not sure of what we are exactly going to do to handle what may happen. All I know is that we will get through it somehow. We have each other and the baby, and I would do anything to protect us. I am trying really hard to be supportive and optimistic, but he knows how stressed I get about money. Ben has always done a wonderful job providing for me, and I know this kills him and really worries him. He even admitted that he is afraid that I will take the baby and leave him....but it's in the vows right? For better, for worse. We will handle this somehow. I try not to worry about it, but it does prove difficult, especially spending so much time alone to think. I am trying to be strong.

Enough about that. :) I just needed to get it off my chest.

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