Friday, September 5, 2008

How Much Would You Pay For Piece Of Mind?

For us, $100 seemed like a bargain price.

Last night was a rough night. I have previously mentioned that my husband started Ch.antix in order to quit smoking. He has been doing very well on it so far and has really cut back on his smoking. Immensely cut back. Now, I don't see him that much, so I don't really know his side effects more than what he tells me, but I have noticed him being moody and more irritable. Upon further conversations with his cousin and brother, I learn that he has been an @$$ at work. Well, it has been one of those weeks for me and I was all on edge yesterday evening as well. This was just a recipe for diaster.

We blew up at each other, and he left the house leaving me to clean up the remnants of our argument...we throw things when we are really angry, although he seems to have a better arm than me. Anyway, after about 45 minutes I got a little worried about him because I know he is on this drug and is very irrational when he is angry without the aid of the prescription. He didn't answer when I called him, so I enlisted the aid of some others, his brother and his best friend in NC. Neither proved more successful. Then I checked our bank website and noticed a $500 withdrawl. That is when the irrational panic and anxiety played its hand. I lost my mind, I swear.

Now, I tend to over react to many situations, and I know where this stems from. I panic and I can't calm down until I have control again. At this point, I hadn't eaten or drank anything in about 6 hours. I was hungry, and I tried to munch a sandwich but with little success.

About 9 pm, I started hyperventilating (I am not going to detail the entire argument and happenings as it is irrelevant). I threw up about 3 times and noticed a bloody mucous in the sink (I can't throw up in the toilet, it makes things worse). Then I felt 3 rapid cramps that felt like someone punching me in the stomach that knocked me to the ground. I was terrified and we dropped everything and hightailed it to the ER.

After several hours, the doctor (who looked high, no joke) informed me that everything was ok and I was just suffering from high stress and dehydration, both leading to lack of sleep this week, and my cramps and nausea. I am not drinking enough and worrying too much. He made me down 1000 cc of water which was hard, and he wouldn't let me leave until I kept it all down. Thankfully, I didn't need to stay overnight. He told me to take a sick day and rest. Drink lots of fluids and don't go anywhere for the weekend. REST AND DRINK.

Trust me, nothing sobers up a fight like the possibility of something happening to your baby. For a fearful two hours I did nothing but rub my stomach and repeat "Please let my baby be ok" over and over in my head.

We have a $100 copayment for the emergency room. Which to me seemed like a little amount to pay for the amount of fear I was having.

All is well now. Of course there is no easy way of telling your parents who live across the country that you were in the ER the night before without worrying them. I have been sleeping and drinking all's orders.

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