Sunday, September 28, 2008

You Have Stolen My Heart...

Everyone hears the stories from mom's to be, but you just can't truly believe until it happens to you. On Friday afternoon, I fell head over heels in love...with my son. :) Baby Lahman is A BOY!

Ok, so I will start from the beginning. My ultrasound was supposed to be on Thursday afternoon. When I made this appointment, the receptionist told me to drink 16 oz of water 2 hours before and another 16 1 hour before. And I did. What she failed to mention, or I failed to grasp was that the whole 32 needed to be drank completely 1 hour before the appointment. I finished mine about 30 minutes before. Needless to say, my bladder was not as full as it needed to be. We barely got to see the baby before the tech said we would need to reschedule. Now, I have heard from several pregnant friends that this was BS and they could have done it anyway. But they got us in the very next day and I didn't want to raise a stink. It was my fault.

Well, the next day I had all the water down and I WAS IN PAIN, I had to pee soooo bad. Ben had to help me into the hospital and up onto the bed. The exam went very well and I was allowed to pee after about 10 minutes. Then the real fun started. :) We saw so much of our baby. We watched as the tech took phot after photo of the arms, legs, feet, organs, head...and then she said we were having a baby boy. I started bawling. I just laid there, and held Ben's hand and watched our son, crying. I wasn't just looking at my baby. I was looking at my baby boy, at my son. It was definately one of the best hours of my life. We saw him flip around and move his arms and legs. We saw him open his little mouth and touch his little face. And we did get some pictures. :)

I love this one because it is like you are looking down at the baby all curled up in your arms.

Yep, it's a BOY! :)

I love this one too, because he is touching his little face and it was right before he opened his mouth. :)

And of course, here are the 19 week and 20 belly shots.

Ok, this was the 19 week. And I know it looks huge. I swear sometimes my husband figures out how to use the zoom and others he plays dumb. Like in the 20 week picture:

We do have to go back for another ultrasound when we get back from our trip. The tech couldn't get a good picture of all 4 heart chambers together. Thus far, baby boy Lahman is right on track. He is an estimated 10 inches and 12-13 ounces. He has long legs and a strong heartbeat. Keep growing baby boy! :)

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zarafa said...

yay! are you still up for baby belly pictures? i've been looking for inspiration. i have an idea that requires ben too... maybe i can snag one the day before the wedding or something. it involves the baby pictures so you should bring them. :)