Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Day #4

So today is another doctor's appointment. I have no large expectations for this visit, as I know my 20 anatomy scan is next week. I am assuming we will just go over the basics. But at least I will hear Peanut again...or the heartbeat anyway.

I do want to get my questions answered. In addition to the ones I mentioned yesterday, I want to find out when the best time to do the 3-D and 4-D ultrasound would be.

Oh, let's talk about cravings. I was talking to Ben last night about how his baby doesn't like red meat (seriously, I feel sick after I eat it. This may just be because I like my steaks cooked medium and no more. Now I have to cook the hell out of them to well done and it is like eating leather.). We got to talking about the things I have been eating. There are definite patterns, or at least extreme preferences.

1. Scrambled eggs with ketchup. On weekends I eat this for breakfast and dinner. During the week when there are left overs for Ben, I eat them for dinner.

2. Waffles. Again, eat them all the time, usually with the eggs. but I always make extra and then toast them.

3. Rice Krispies....yep, still on that kick. This is usually my nightime snack.

4. Peaches.

5. Extra Salty Chex Mix. I have made 3 batches already and each time, more seasoning salt is added.

6. Movie Theater Butter Popcorn. YUM-O. I don't let myself eat this very often, as it is probably not good for Peanut. But it still gets consumed and quite quickly.

7. Pecans. I mean the raw kind that haven't been salted and are used for baking.

8. Salad bar Ranch Dressing. OMG, I seriously want to fill up a little bowl and just eat it like soup.

9. Chinese Food. This is my main intake of veggies. Although, I did read that right now is about the time when the baby starts tasting all the different foods in the amniotic fluid, so it is a good time to start eating veggies (I guess to give the baby an early aptitude for them). So I guess I have to start loading up.

I have done pretty good with not mixing thing together. I think the scrambled eggs with ketchup is about as wierd as it has gotten so far. When I start dipping the waffles in the ranch dressing, I will let you know. :)

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