Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Hate Needles, Part II

Yesterday morning I went to the hospital to have my blood drawn for AFP Screening, which tells me if I am a carrier of several genetic diseases. When the nurse explained this test to me, I asked if there was any reason not to do it, as the doctor had previously advised me against a nuchal screening and CVS (not that these tests were bad, but we conceived naturally and I am only 27). The nurse replied that it would let us know what the odds were the baby could have a genetic defect and help us make an informed decision. I asked what she meant by that, and she quickly tried to recover by saying that we could get all the information on raising a special needs child. I am sure that is not what she meant, but I didn't appreciate the callous comment in passing.

Anyhoo, this blood experience was not so bad. I got to the hospital rather late because I slept in and allowed myself a lazy morning. The lab was a little busy, and there were some technical issues with the computers, but I got in. Thankfully, they only needed to draw one vial of blood, so it was over quickly. The needle was not so bad I guess. I still can't watch it go in or be pulled out.

Afterward, I went into the City to get my haircut. I love my hairdresser, but unfortunately she cuts my hair so well, I don't need to go very often. My hair now has shape to it again and alot more lift and movement.

Then I met my friend D, who had a VS purchase for me of comfy comfy sweats, oil blotters, boob tape (yep, I have to tape alot of shirts into place these days, plus tape some of them shut in order to get more wear), and my bath products. We went down by the water and ate at Har.d Roc.k Ca.fe and walked along the pier for a while. Then we had yummy Col.dstone. Oh, and while on the train back downtown from the pier, I got my first offer from someone to give up their seat so my pregnant self could sit. :) I enjoy that I look pregnant and not just fat. I declined the offer, as the people who offered were older, and I was seriously fine standing. Had it had been a younger person, I would have taken it. But chances of that ever happening are slim. I will add that I gave up my seat many a time to pregnant women or women with babies/small children and it always annoyed me that perfectly healthy young people who were sitting closer to the front of the bus or train never offered. Seriously, who makes a pregnant woman walk/waddle all the way to the back of the bus? I am hoping that by giving up my seat all those times bought me some good bus karma for when I am huge.

It ended up being a long day, and I woke up in the night with a pounding headache which stayed with me all day (and yes, is still pounding in the back of my head.) I took alot of naps, and tried to get some things done around the apartment, but not much was accomplished. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I took a tepid bath (joy) and am just waiting for Ben to ge home so I can tell him I was a bad wife and didn't make dinner (I ate cereal all day).

I did decide that I have too much stuff. I decided this as I was digging for a pj shirt and notice the shimmer powders that I have not used in years. Hmmm, does a new mother need 6 shimmer powders/lotions? Does a new mother have time for shimmer? Probably not. Herego, some seriously decluttering needs to occur. We also decided that the new bedding is staying (you have to sleep on it in order to really decide), so my next task is to look for a new dresser and bench with underneath storage. I think that the old dresser we have can be refurbished for the baby. We have already decided on using the light colored birch wood for a boy (which the dresser currently is) and white for a girl (which the dresser can be easily painted).

Ok, the screen is kicking my headache into high gear again. Time to take some Tyle.nol PM and hope for the best.


zarafa said...

i'm sure the nurse didn't mean to be callous. you *would* need to make an informed decision after all. its not her fault that some people decide not to raise children with special needs. its just part of her job.

and yes, the lens takes excellent people pictures. all the pictures i have of people are with it. though, hopefully i will have one, if not two, more lenses that are even better by the time i am staying with you.

Maylily18 said...

i know. :) i also know i am hyper sensitive right now. damn hormones. and sidenote, this was not the same nurse that gave me a mini panic attack. i actually really like this nurse, and she did feel bad about offending me. she does read me pretty well. i like her.