Friday, August 22, 2008

Positives Outweigh the Negatives, Right?

Ok, my last post (be it 20 minutes or so ago) seems incredibly negative to me and probably anyone who reads it. I guess that was the intention. I needed to vent. I am still spinning a bit crazily, but thought I should add some positive things.

:) #1: I just checked the balance on all my students loans, and I am finally paying off the principal. I have paid all the interest on them, and now am actually tackling the amounts I borrowed.

:) #2: Our car insurance company sent us our premium renewal. We will be paying $150 less a month because the two claims we had taken out on the audi 3 years ago are finally gone along with my husband's speeding ticket from our honeymoon.

:) #3: I actually put money (and sizable amounts) into all of our savings accounts this money, minus our IRA. This includes the account I opened to fund the trip to Italy I want to take my mother on when she turns 50.

:) #4: I went to the Motherhood maternity outlet last Friday, and got the most wonderful pairs of maternity jeans. They are so freakin comfy, it's ridiculous. I love, love, love them, and they fit me without having to be tailored. (insert happy dance here) I also got some nice shirts, so I am comfortable once again, at least for the time being.

:) #5: Tomorrow I am going shopping with my other friend G.

:) #6: I have decided that after work I am going to go get a sno cone and sit in square at eat it. Whoever thought of drizzling sugary syrup over ice is a genius and deserves a huge hug.

Ok, so those are my positives. I will add that I am still incredibly ticked at one husband who shall remain nameless, but I am trying really hard not to focus on it. Not incredibly hard, but it's the effort right?

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