Friday, August 29, 2008

Whew, At Least It Was Just A Dream

I had a dream last night that my baby arrived way early (like it was born right now, but it was normal size and perfectly healthy). I was completely unprepared for the arrival and I was freaking out because I hadn't had either baby shower yet. I didn't have anything to take care of the baby with, only the stuff I have received already which is maybe 7 pairs of socks, 4 onesies, one pack of diapers and 3 bottles (we actually have more stuff than that, but that was all that was useful in the dream). I don't know what happened to the bassinet, so the baby had to sleep in a drawer. I could nurse the baby, but I didn't have a pump. It was a very freaky dream. Oh, and I also had to call my boss and tell him I wasn't able to come in because I had my baby.

Needless to say, I am freaked out enough that I am starting to register for all the free stuff online I can: coupons, free samples, special offers. This morning has been spent weeding through all kinds of crap (sorry, I am not going to join 8 programs that involve me buying 7 DVDs for the price of 1 or testing products for 7 days with a $1 processing fee, even though you baby bundle is worth $550.) I have already registered at a bunch of sites like,, and have countless emails that have been sent to me and I have just been dumping them into a "baby stuff folder" in my inbox. I started wading through them. I have also started making lists of everything we will need before Peanut arrives (not like a shower registry, but stuff that needs to be bought like life insurance, stablizing our IRA, etc) and stuff that needs to be done like mounting the bike locks, finishing my spain scrapbook, etc.

Yes, the dream freaked me big time. I know I still have about 5 months until the baby arrives, but I will sit and obsess over things if I don't start working on them now. I am fully prepared for the life change when our family increases by one, and am very excited about it. And I know I will never be fully ready for the change. I just feel like I should be doing more, and apparently my subconcious does as well.

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