Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Heart Christmas

I know it is only August, but alot of things have me thinking about Christmas already. I love Christmas. I love decorating, I buying and wrapping gifts. I love the smells of pine and cinnamon. I love baking cookies (as evidenced by the 18 different kinds I make each year). I just love everything about it.

My baby shower in Ohio is just before Christmas, and I am pretty excited about it. What I am most excited about is that my mom and I decided to do Christmas ornaments as favors. I have scouted lots of ideas, and have found several ones to be made depending on the gender of Peanut. I love decorating my tree. All my ornaments have meaning to me in some way. I collect ornaments from the different places my husband and I visit, and I have some from my great grandmother and other family. I even have special ornaments for the kitties to play with at the bottom of the tree (which they are pretty good about sticking too). Giving ornaments as favors is a very special idea to me because of my obsession with my ornaments. :)

And thinking about the shower, so close to Christmas, makes me excited for the first Christmas with the baby and all those after. Ben wants to dress up like Santa for our kids. I keep imagining how much fun it will be to go shopping with and for the baby, hanging stockings, putting out cookies for Santa, looking at light displays...I am so happy, I could cry.

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CJ said...

I feel ya on LOVING Christmas! :) I can't wait either! I might have my boys before then, who knows! I will get all into decorating. I start listening to Xmas music in November. It's crazy!! the only bad this is I always spend waaay too much money! I am trying to get better. I love getting stuffed, the eggnog and all of these desserts!!