Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have alot of things to write about...however, I have fabulous pictures that need to go with my witty ramblings. Again, this illustrates that I need to stop being so lazy and get around to getting them ready.

A few things I can say:

I got my faux "maternity" shirts in the mail yesterday. I am wearing one today, and it is so damn comfy. Most importantly, it covers the bella band extremely well and I haven't had to adjust it all day. Yep, I look like a pregnant lady. :)

My aversion to orange juice is over. I am eating clementines and guzzling oj like no other.

On a completely different note, why do airline prices keep going up while the cost of gas is falling? I need to get some flights, particularly one for my Ohio baby shower, and they were affordable for about one day before they started to rise. I am agitated by this.

Plus I have a raging headache. I am not in a very good mood, can you tell?

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CJ said...

i hear you about the headache. You knoe me. Congrats on your baby in Feb 2009!!