Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Furry Children

No, I am not referring to my actual child, who I sincerely hope is not furry. I am talking about my baby kitties.

Yep, that is them. :) The one that looks like he is one with the black floor mat is Guliani, and the fat little one is Layla. When we first got Layla, she and Guiliani did not get along very well. Now all they do is play, play, play. I have only seen them cuddle with each other once, as in sleep wrapped up together. Mostly they wrestle and give each other baths. Layla seems to use the bath technique as a method of starting her attack. One minute she is licking...the next she is smacking.

This would be Guiliani in the dryer. He likes to climb in and nap on the clothes...which isn't so much a problem until I notice the large quantities of black fur on the whites. (Note: If by chance you have noticed the cat to dryer size ratio, please know that my cat is not ginormous...the dryer is very small. It is one of those little stackables that came with the apartment.

And as I previously mentioned, Layla has finally started to really warm up to me and my husband. She is incredibly skittish and jumpy, but this picture was taken during a relatively calm moment. As soon as she heard the camera noise, she woke up and stared at me in loathing for waking her, so I took another picture of her then. However, her eyes were glowing red (probably because she was so angry with me), and I haven't figured out how to correct for cat red eyes in photos. Anyhoo, here she is all sleeping and being cute and cuddly with my husband.

I love my kitties. :) Hopefully they will adjust well to Peanut's arrival.

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