Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to Good

So Peanut and I are officially out of the first trimester. Or, I think so at least. According to the ticker above, I am almost to a full 14 weeks. However, on various other pregnancy websites, I am told I am in my 14th week of pregnancy. This kind of simple calendar math makes my head hurt trying to understand that 13+ weeks of development is actually equivalent to being in the 14th week of pregnancy. Whatever. I am not a common sensical gal...more of a science geek type.

Anyhoo, Peanut is rougly the size of a clenched fist and can make facial expressions now. My mother can not get past the time when I told her that Peanut was the size of a lime and had all its little tooth buds formed below the gum line, and now thinks of my baby as a lime with teeth. I have another doctor's appoint next thursday, and I have already begun my list of questions for this visit. I really want to hear Peanut's heartbeat again, and hopefully see him/her. I read updates on the baby's growth (generically of course, not specifically my baby) every day. It is amazing to me what is going on in my body, and I often catch myself staring at my stomach, trying to envision where my child is and what it looks like and what it is doing at this moment. I can't wait to feel my son or daughter kick me. :)

In terms of myself, I am feeling more like myself these days. My fatigue has started to fade a little bit. I am gaining a little bit of weight, but for the overal pregnancy, I am still in the negative for the weight gain due to the 12 pounds I lost initially. I am mostly gaining belly. While I was shopping on Sunday (which I will get to in a minute...it was an experience, let me tell you.), someone I worked with many moons ago actually said "Oh my god, look at your cute pregnant belly!" It is nice to know that I look pregnant and not just fat. I will post the belly pic as soon I can (you know me and pictures). In addition to that, I can tell I have a baby belly or at least an expanding belly because last night I had to untie my sweatpants to get them on comfortably (I used to just tie them on the slightly loose side and pull them up and down). My acne outbreak is starting to subside a bit. It is mostly along my hairline anyway, so it is not extremely noticeable, but I have gotten the occassional one (or five) on the forehead. Nice.

And this may not seem like a big deal, but I followed the recommendation of my dentist and got a new tooth brush. In my irrate state in describing my dental experience, I may have neglected to mention that she told me to get a soft bristle brush. I kinda blew it off at first because I have had soft bristle brushes (on accident) and never liked them much. I always preferred the medium kind. However, I told her my gums had been a little more sensitive and I had had a bit more "pink in the sink" after brushing. I went out and got one of those new 360 brushes (I think it is Col.gate, but I don't really remember), and it is a wonderful, wonderful purchase. It seriously feels like the brush is massaging my gums, and I really like how it cleans the inside of my cheeks and tongue too.

Ok, so the shopping. I went into the city (SF) on Sunday in pursuit of maternity jeans with the aid of my little friend G (she needs to be referred to as little G, as she is tiny and I have another friend G who I may talk about one day. Just to clarify.). After leaving the retail industry, I don't go shopping that much as I am not in the mall everyday. Herego, I had a list of things I needed. Anyhoo, the first stops were easy as they were just to makeup counters. We always stop into VS to say high to the crew and Boo D. Plus I had a free panty coupon. Now, after having worked this industry for 5 years, I have to say that it is pretty irritating to have people come in just for the freebie, but in all fairness I did intend to attempt to use the bra discount. However, I know the girls have grown. I notice it, my husband notices it, and probably other people to. I let our old pal A measure me, and to my dismay, I have gone from the 36C I have been for the past 3 years to a 38C! Needless to say, I am anticipating more um...growth in the next few months, so I did not try anything on. How am I wearing the wrong bra size comfortably right now? Well, thank god for the miracle of the BBV microfiber. Bless the stretchiness.

After that we proceeded to J.Cr.ew to get my bridesmaid dress for Z's wedding. They did not have the style in the store, but I kinda expected that. The helpful sales girl took my measurements and told me what size I should try in some other dresses. Now, I should say that I have ordered this same dress in a different material and color for another wedding, so I know what size used to fit me. I told the girl this and that in 2 months my stomach and various other parts will most likely be larger than the measured size that fits now. My strategy: Order the biggest size and have it tailored down. I don't think the girl really understood what I was saying, but the dress got ordered (or I got put on the waitlist for the dress anyway) and I didn't have to pay shipping charges as I ordered and paid through the store.

So began the pursuit of maternity jeans. Can I just say how freakin hard it was? A. I am short, so I usually get ankle length jeans, that most often have to be hemmed anyway because B. I have the wonderful Latina curves that make me a wierd short size. My legs fit into a completely different size than my behind and hips. It was pretty frustrating, because I know I am most likely going to have to purchase a larger pair of maternity pants in the upcoming months. And as I said before, I don't want to shell out the big $$ for that until I can get alot of use from them. I don't know. I am being really wierd about this. Anyway, I finally found one pair hidden in Ol.d Na.vy that are seriously the next comfiest thing to sweats. I put them on and didn't want to take them off. SO FREAKIN COMFY. It was a bit odd to see myself in maternity jeans, and they are probably the ugliest jeans I have owned in a while (I can't say ever because I am pretty sure I had stonewashed jeans that zipped at the ankle at one point in my life). I guess the mission was accomplished because I did get jeans...even though they still need to be hemmed. I thought that buying pants with a stretchy waistband would mean it would be easier to find a pair that would fit perfectly. Whatevs.

ok, I have written a novel here and I am thinking it is time for lunch. :)

Lastly, my list of things to get done:
1. Call doctor and ask if my prescription eye drops are still ok to use because my eyes are getting poopy again
2. Update pregnancy calendar
3. Buy plastic bins to house the presents Peanut has received
4. Sign up for my online traffic school


CJ said...

WOW!! You did alot this weekend!! Sounds fun! SF? San Fran?

zarafa said...

"little G" sounds like a rapper name. i feel like i think i know who little g is. have i met her?

and i too find the week of pregnancy thing odd. i think its like the whole thing where the 1900's were the 20th century and all that. very perplexing.

zarafa said...

you could call her "g that came out of the bathroom with her dress tucked into her underwear"

that's kind of long though.