Friday, August 8, 2008

You Taste Like Honey, Honey, Tell Me Can I Be Your Honeybee?

So last night, I finally got some pictures ready. I have to say that I had more motivation as my Matchbox20 2008 Best of Exile USB wristband download came yesterday and I had to load it onto my ipod. (Hence, the title...) And to clarify, the USB wristband is exactly what it sounds like. A small USB drive embedded into the end of a rubber wristband, and on this drive is the best performances of the band's 2008 tour. They sell a wristband for each show that they did, so you can buy the one you went to, which I did, but this one has the best performances voted on by fans. Yes, I am a huge-mongous MB20 fan and nothing will ever change that.

Anyhoo, last Saturday Ben and I drove up to Konoc.hti Resort and Spa at Clea.rlake for the last stop on the Exile in America tour. (Yes, this was my third MB20 concert within a year.) It was a beautiful drive through the mountains to this huge, gorgeous blue lake in the middle of nowhere. We had tickets to the pre-show BBQ cookout, so we really got to enjoy the scenery. The dinner was great, if by the quantity my husband consumed was any indication...we certainly got our money's worth out of that buffet.

The concert was in the outdoor amphitheatre, so it was a pretty small venue. In my opinion, the performances in the smaller venues are always a million times better. It always seem like the people that are there are really the people who want to be there, not just because they got company tickets or something. Our seats were excellant, right in the center front of the floor. The show was amazing, and we had such a great time. MB20 does a great live show, and they always put so much energy and soul into each song they perform. And given my enhanced hormonal state, I cried about 4 times during the show.

I like to think that Peanut had a good time too. Baby Lahman's first concert. :) The baby can feel my excitement and happiness right?

I love that you can take pictures at concerts now. :) We ended up with some really good ones....and I may have "accidently" hit the video button a few times as well. Funny how that happens.

Ah, Rob Thomas.

This would be one of the times I cried. I love it when he plays the piano.

They aren't doing a USB wristband for this show, sadly. I know I already have two...but again, I can't get enough of MB20. They did some great covers during this show. Plus, I would listen to Rob Thomas read the phone book and scream racial slurs. No joke. Yep, just like he says "I've got a disease, deep inside me, makes me feel uneasy, baby. I can't live without you, tell me what am I sposed to do about it?"

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