Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurray! It's Friday! :)

Good things that happened to Mama Lahman today:

1. First and foremost, it is Friday. Not only that but it is the start of a three day weekend, meaning I get three sleep in days.

2. I got another free panty coupon in the mail from VS. This is seriously my 6th one this year. Looks like they have noticed that I stopped using my VS credit card and they no longer get 1/3 of my paycheck every week. When I worked there, I hated those damn coupons. Now they are a blessing, because it kills me a little bit to have to pay full price. Thankfully I can still count on D and K to buy me giftcards and shower gel. I haven't had to buy new bras yet, but I was measured again and am approaching a 38D. I can probably get away with one more month. Panties however...well the low rise bikinis aren't quite cutting it so much right now.

3. I got a letter from my insurance company informing that my doctor had put in for my labor and delivery room at the hospital and I am approved for the coverage. :) Yay, baby Lahman!

4. My mother and I picked out the invitation for my baby shower, and decided on favors and decorations. We are doing a Christmas themed shower since it is less than 2 weeks before Christmas. We still have tons of white lights left over from my wedding. We are going to use poinsettas as the centerpieces and they will double as prizes for the games. Big bonus: Seasonal Christmas plates, napkins, tablecloths, and cups are way cheaper than baby themed goodies.

5. My husband had two days off of work (this may not sound unusual, but it is). He had two good days off because the store in the city had two good days in sales without him. This means multiple things: they are learning to get along without him and have successful days, he didn't get as many phone calls (he seriously gets about 40 a day), and that his paycheck will be bigger from this week (usually the days he isn't there are not so hot). He also got stuff done around the apartment. Not necessarily the big stuff I wanted done, but it is nice to not have to worry about loading the dishwasher or cleaning out leftovers from the fridge.

6. We got new bedding yesterday and we agreed that it is a keeper. We both had good nights of sleep.

7. I filled up my gas tank for under $60 for the first time in ages. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. We have to put premium fuel in both the audi and the mercedes, and California adds all kinds of clean air emissions stuff to the gas which makes it more. Plus everything is more in California period. Premium was $4.09 a gallon. Oh I am also only allowed to put gas from Chev.ron, Sh.ell, or 7.6 in my car. I put in gas from Val.ero once and I thought Ben was going to strangle me. Whatever, he is the car guru. I pick my battles.

8. Because Ben was off work again today, I didn't have to go to Tar.get by myself and lift the heavy kitty litter. We also got to go out to dinner and talked about the baby and other stuff. The time we spend together is precious. It takes a while, but after about an hour together he can get his mind out of the business mode that it lives in every other moment of the day. There was a teeny baby at the restaurant, and it made us both smile (Ok, it made me tear up, but hello...hormones).

9. My cousin A who likes to piddle away money on DVDs purchased Wha.t Happens i.n and Seas.on 2 so I have viewing material for the holiday weekend.

10. Another package arrived from my grandma today for Peanut. It contained a Beatrix Potter sheet that will make a great quilt once I can locate some character squares, two of my old books of nursery rhymes from when I was a little girl, an St.ate teddy bear, a maternity shirt for me (which I will actually wear), and the softest baby blanket that I have ever felt. I know have three boxes of baby goodies and a bassinett, all gifts (well 90%, I have been really good thus far).

So even though the day didn't start so well, all in all it end as a great one. :)

To do this weekend:
1. Finish updating pregnancy calendar.
2. Send baby gift to friend
3. Organize kitchen junk drawe
4. Call J Cr.ew and track down my dress
5. Finish going through clothes and pulling out suitable maternity wear.

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Since when do you have a Mercedes???