Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parent Shower

My husband and I have been talking about when we want to do our baby registery, and how involved in this process he wants to be (Note: We decided to register in the end of September or mid-October as my baby shower in Ohio is 12/13, and that he only wants to be involved in picking out the larger items like the crib, stroller, etc. Everything else I can do with a friend.).

After this decision was made, I started to think about all the other stuff we need in the apartment, not baby related. We could really use a new comforter and another sheet set (We have a pillowtop California king, and deep pocket sheets for this size are so hard to find, especially in colors we like). We need new end tables, as they are the only piece of furniture in our living room that is still hand me down and looks it. We have talked about getting a display shelf for our collection of shot glasses. The list could go on.

It made me think of when and if we can get these things, and if it could be done before Peanut comes. They aren't big big purchases or anything, but if we got everything or even most of it, we would be dropping a nice chunk of change. This money is money we are saving for maternity leave and such (although we have hatched several plans for that time as well, to be later discussed). I really would like to get some of it before Peanut because who knows when we would be able to do it afterward. We remain on the fence, so the timeframe for getting these things is a huge question mark.

It makes me want to register for these things. :) Like a parent shower. I know, I know, we already had our wedding registry, and we will have our baby gifts and such. But still. Our wedding was over 3 years ago, and what we thought we were planning for then is not necessarily the position we are in now.

The general compromise is that we will use Christmas as an opportunity to get some of these things.

On a completely different note, my husband got his prescription for the stop smoking pill. Man, oh man, it is expensive and insurance doesn't cover it...which I find a bit odd and may research it further. They don't cover prenatal vitamins either, but I let that slide because they are only $30. My birth control was more than that. Anyhoo, he is almost through t he first week of pills and he has been taking them very diligently. And he hasn't been smoking as much, so I am pleased.

And I am SORE today from my yoga class. SORE, SORE, SORE. and I actually slept through the entire night, or most of it. I think I may have gotten up to go to the bathroom once, but I don't remember. I was that tired. I know I woke up and thought about it, but then I decided I didn't have to go that bad. Trust me, I have more than made up for it this morning.

Back to dreaming about my parent shower and searching for sheets and a comforter. :)

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