Friday, August 8, 2008

More baby cuteness

[For some reason I always forget that the website goes down on Friday afternoons. This causes me great aggravation, as I was being very industrious in posting.]

Yes, this is my third post today. I can't concentrate on anything or get anything productive done at work because what I need to do involves reading and taking notes, and they are jack-hammering the concrete outside, as they have been all day. Plus, I said I had the pictures ready, didn't I?

So the preface to this baby gift, and why I like it so much goes baby to when I was a baby. My uncle had given me a cloth rabbit puppet that came from the local grocery called the County Pride. I loved the rabbit, and I still do. It was my security blanket. It sits in my guestroom now, in a box with my actual baby blanket.

This is Bunny. The plaid material that makes up his body was kind of flannel-y and lined with satin ribbon, which you can see has torn off the edges. His body has also become quite threadbare over the years. His head is actually the puppet-y part. And his ears have fallen off several times and had to be re-sewn. The center part of the ears is also satin. His face, ears, and paws feel like a jersey material of sorts. (Note: I am bad at fabric names and descriptions, so my use of them could be way way off.)

A couple of weeks ago, my grandma, Nana, sent me a package for the baby. I was a bit nervous, as some of her gifts can be a bit questionable at times, and she has a taste that is all her own. In it was this:

It is a Winnie the Pooh blanket buddy. It has the same material body lined with the same type of satin as Bunny. The small green thing in the corner is a teether, so the baby can chew on it. And Winnie is like a little plush toy.

When I realized what it was, I started to cry. I don't know if Nana realized how close to Bunny it was, or picked it intentionally for those reasons, but it touched me that this was Peanut's first gift from Nana. It means alot to me. I take it out of the box that is holding all the baby gifts, and I run my fingers along the silky edges, like I did with Bunny, and I picture my baby doing the same.

Another meaningful gift that Peanut has received is this:

I don't know the exact "baby-term" for what this is, but it is for the crib. You pull the bee that is hanging from the sunshine and it plays music and little lights dance around the sun's rays as the bee rises up to the sun. The bee has shiny crinkly wings (I don't know why that seems important, but it does). What I love about this is the music it plays... "You Are My Sunshine." This is a song that I remember Nana and my mother singing to me from the time I was a baby. This was a gift to Peanut from my mother, who is chosing to be referred to as "Nonnie." I also take this out of the box, and listen to the song everynow and then. However, the cats are fascinated by the rising bee and flashing lights, so they must be kept at bay.

Speaking of my baby kitties, they seem to be fine with my pregnancy. Guiliani still is a mama's boy, and demands lots of my attention. Layla is continuing to warm up to us. I think having the in-laws here really helped with that, as they were sleeping in her room, on the bed where she usually slept at night. This caused her to sleep on the foot of our bed. (Note:she tired to sleep on my chest once. She climbed up and closed her eyes and started to purr. Guiliani, who lays on the pillow at the foot of the bed until I fall asleep and then moves up to lay on my head, lifted his head, made a wierd crying noise and ran up to Layla, bit her neck, and dragged her off of me.)

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