Monday, August 25, 2008

Seriously, I would have to sell MY BABY to pay for that.....

So was my qoute of the day. Allow me to to explain before anyone gets the idea that I would pawn off my baby for extra cash.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. As you may recall, I have had some dental mishaps this year, including a root canal and a broken tooth. As to not reiterate those stories, let's just say that both mishaps led my dentist to schedule a comprehensive exam in order to determine if there were any pressing issues in my mouth that would need to be taken care of while I was pregnant and what could wait until after Peanut's arrival. Now, being that I was a little shaken up having to have a tooth filed down with no drugs, and being that I was still early on in my first trimester, I agreed to this exam. I should add that I had already canceled this type of appointment as my dental insurance is maxed for the year.

Well, I woke up before my husband's alarm went off this morning, about 5 am. I do not have to get up until 7, but I was so worried about how this exam was going to go and what it was going to cost, that I could not fall back asleep. It was therefore an early morning.

The exam itself was not so bad. I knew I had some problems in mouth, as I had not been to the dentist in about 6 years. (yes, yes, I know this is bad....but after college I did not have dental insurance and when I did, certain employers made it damn near impossible to maintain any type of appointment.) I knew the broken tooth would need to be fixed soon, most likely asap, and I was aware of another bad cavity from the time of my root canal. Regardless, I was not aware, nor prepared of exactly how many problems this woman would unearth in my mouth.

Let's just say this....THEY WANT ME TO DO OVER $6,000.00 IN WORK OVER THE NEXT YEAR. Upon entering all the information from my gum exam, minimal x-rays, and other poking and prodding (um...yes, it does hurt when you stick that sharp needle-like thing into my gum line, thanks for checking though), they produced a treatment plan. And upon reviewing the plan with me, the dentist announced the price.

My immediate reaction was to start laughing. I mean, seriously. That is the cost of a used car! That is 6 months of rent!

My next comment was the title of this post "It isn't even going to cost that much for me to have this baby! Seriously, I would have to sell my baby to pay for that!"

Sensing my reluctance, I was then informed that the office could pre-approve me for a credit line for the dental work. Again, you want me to take out a line of credit at the DENTAL OFFICE?!

The receptionist, who is my neighbor, was a bit more understanding and went over the plan with me, outlining how the priorities were grouped and options I had in scheduling them. She completely understood when I said that before I scheduled anything, I needed to speak with my husband and my doctor. I did schedule a bacteria scan for next Tuesday morning, which will allow a better idea of how likely I am to develop abcesses or other infection type things that sound like a riot, and it is only $40. Plus the dentist will then be able to give me a special mouthwash that will prevent the further spread of bacteria/decay in my mouth.

I thought about it the entire way to work. I think I am just going to have the work done that fixes my broken tooth, and then maybe the bad cavity. That itself will be about $600 without any insurance. I will ask next week exactly which elements of the treatment plan are necessary in order to do these two things.

A high point of the day: my first prenatal yoga class started today, and I loved, loved, loved it. It felt so good to stretch among other things. It is not too pricey, but I am only going to be able to go once a week as there is only one evening prenatal class. And there is no class next Monday due to Labo.r Da.y. Boo.

Oh, and I have been craving rice kispies like no other. So much that Ben and I had to run to Saf.eway last night at 9 to pick some up, and I have eaten half the box already. :)

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