Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy the Plumber

Ok, so I am not an actual plumber. And the other night illustrated that I am just not cut out for that vocation should the environmental thing fall through.

Part of my preparing to go back to work, as you may recall, is preparing and freezig two weeks of dinners. On Tuesday, I was making chili and Mexican lasagna, both of which contain ground beef. Being that I do not have a garabge disposal at this new house, I have to drain the fat and collect it in a fat jar. Well, I was really tired this week and somehow the fat didn't quite make it into the any of it. Major brain fart. Where did it go, you ask? It went down the drain.

As I was finishing the cleaning up, I noticed that the sinks were not draining. Hmmm....I thought. Perhaps it is just clogged with food bits and such. So I got the plunger. No avail. Then I noticed the empty-ish fat jar. Oops.

I cleaned out underneath the sink and put the biggest bowl I could find under the Ubend thing. Then I unscrewed it. GROOOOSSSSSSSS. Once the nasty fat had been removed, I noticed the nasty water in the bowl. I thougt it would be much easier to put the pipe back together with the bowl out of the way. So what did I do with it? I POURED IT DOWN THE SINK.

Yep, I am that much of a genius. Needless to say, the skanky water went everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And I just stood there dumbfounded, unsure of what to do next. 4 beach towels later, the water was gone, the sink was back together and the rug was banished to the basement to be washed.

The only upside? Isaac thought it was HILARIOUS. He watched the whole episode from the comfort and dryness of his bouncer, laughing all the while.


The Grady Chronicles said...

I am still impressed that you knew how to remove and replace the u pipe thinger. And that there was no crying involved. Here, there would have been lots of crying and irate phone calls and debbie downer blog posts haha.

Maylily18 said...

I can't pretend like I even had that much plumging knowledge and had to get out tools or was a pvc piece that had the screw things attached to it already. :)