Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Battery Operated Devices

One of the important things I have learned as a new mother is the importance of a battery stash. Ever notice how all things baby require about 10million gazillion batteries, which, of course, are never included? And for those of you who don't have babies yet....heads up! Seriously, our packnplay alone takes 6AA for the music/noise box and 4D for the vibrating mechanism under the mattress pad. That's 10 batteries! For one thing!

Now, when we put all our baby stuff together, I saved all the instructions and assembly garble just so I can know what kind of batteries and how many each thing requires. As things began to become assembled, it became apparent that a large quantity of batteries in a variety of sizes would be required. I guess I just didn't pay close attention to this attribute when I was registering and if I had known how much cash I was going to be throwing into the battery industry, I may have reconsidered some of our choices...or at least purchased stock in Duracell and Energizer.

Because I didn't evaluate the battery requirements beforehand, our baby boy has become accustomed to the tricks and such that these batteries produce within their respective devices. Consequently, when these batteries run out, all hell breaks loose. For example, I usually put Isaac in his bouncer and bring it into the bathroom while I take my shower (unless he is sleeping). One day, I was hastily shampooing my hair (a gift of motherhood...you learn to take 3 minute showers again) when I hear piercing wails out of nowhere. Thinking something catastrophic has occurred, I practically leap from the shower and tear the curtain down while doing so. While standing naked and shivering and covered in suds while a puddle of water drips off my body onto the tile, I come to realize that the bouncer has merely run out of battery juice and the lights, bubbles, and music no longer work and the vibrations have all but ceased to a teeny tremble, if that. Once Isaac had calmed down, I finished in the shower and searched for replacement batteries. There were none. I didn't find this to be a big deal. Isaac, on the other hand....thought this was a pressing diaster! He KNOWS what that chair is supposed to do, and therefore did not want any part of it until it was fully functional again.

After this happened (it was a month or so ago), I stocked up on batteries. And not the generic kind that I would normally buy to save some pennnies. I went all out and bought the copper tops and bunnies that keep going, ang going, and going...I was not going to have that headache again. I became panicky last night when I noticed that my husband had left the vibration mechanism on the swing on...ALL DAY. Now, the actual swing base plugs in (or takes batteries, but seriously....8D's?) but the papasan seat is removable and functions as a floor rocker, so it also takes batteries. This feature is one that keeps Isaac happy in the mornings during his nap. To have this run out of juice well.....not so pretty. I was annoyed. I checked our battery stash, and luckily, we have the replacement batteries.

Then...as I was pumping at work...I hear miss medela making a wierd sound. And then she (yep, my pump is a she.)all but died. Fortunately, I was close to the end of my pumping session and it was the end of the day. But I have been relying on miss medela to run off batteries, as the most comfortable pumping places in my home are not close to a wall outlet. For those of you wondering, miss medela takes 8AA batteries. Again, I had the replacement batteries. Had I not...it would not have been pretty.

I never understood why people put batteries on their baby registeries...until now. Those suckers get expensive! I wish I would have done so, not to encourage people to buy them (well...maybe), but to get the discount on them! From this moment on, I solemnly swear to purchase the batteries for friends if their baby gift so requires them.

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Would an extension cord work for your pump?