Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Or four...preferrably 2 in each thigh, please.

Isaac had his 4 month appointment today. And he did smashingly. He was all smiles and laughs with the nurses and doctor. He is still really small...13lbs 4 oz and 24 1/2 inches. Again, the Dr. wasn't worried. He is gaining a normal amount of weight at a good rate. And we have yet to supplement with formula. Still ahead with his motor skills and movements, too. Yay Isaac!

And he did better with his shots than I did. No, seriously. I cried more than him. I just can't stand watching them hold down his little legs that he loves to kick so much. His face turns all red cause he tries to kick them free and he can't. And then to watch his little face when the shots, come....I want to punch the nurse in the face for making my baby cry.

I know I can't. But it doesn't stop those maternal instincts of protecting my baby from what is hurting him.

Anyway, he cried for about 20 seconds and was fine as soon as I picked him up. He's been a little fussy this evening, but we have been cuddling him, so it's manageable.

If we do ok with the rice cereal for the next week or so, we can start on oats and barley. No purees until 6 months though.

Ok, I am exhausted. Days off make me just as tired as working ones these days.

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Anonymous said...

Nevermind to my tweet back to you - I see how much he weighs now. That's exciting, he's a growing little bean! :) I so hate the shots too. I'm just glad they're over fast. Do they do his shots all at once - like with two nurses? Ours don't, but my sister's doc does. B gets 3 shots and a "drinkable" - one of the vaccines is an oral med I guess. But each of the 3 shots are individual so we have to endure it 3 different times. :( Oh the necessary evils...