Friday, May 15, 2009

Genius Baby

I know, I know...I have been slacking in the blogosphere this week! But in my defense, it has been a busy work week and Isaac was sick for the beginning of the week. I had to stay home with him on Tuesday, which meant my extra day off occurred with nothing productive getting done other than doting on my baby boy.

Anyway...Isaac discovered the TV a while back. He REALLY discovered the TV earlier this week. In my paranoid state to prevent my horrible vision gene from becoming dominant in my child, I freaked out and refuse to let him stare at the screen. I just don't think that he can really focus quick enough before the picture changes. My husband, however, does not think this is an issue. I think he actually said something about it being OK since we had HDTV....

I know it is just the bright colors and movement that he likes. After consulting with my eastern mommas, I went in search of Baby Einstein DVDs. To my delight, I located the entire 26 disc set for $40! And it came yesterday! I should say that each DVD is not in the case you would get if you bought it separately, and are all in a giant DVD sleeve, but still. It cost me less than $1.50 a disc. Me likey.

We haven't watched any of them yet, but it is on the agenda for tomorrow. So begins Isaac's journey into becoming more of a genius than he already is. :)


Anonymous said...

I've heard of babies reallllly loving Baby Einstein, and I'm sure Isaac will as well! :) I usually lay B kind of at an angle to our TV (also HD, so it's big enough he can't miss it) and he catches glimpses of it every now and then and GIGGLES like someone is tickling him. He especially loves American Idol, specifically Adam. :)

Stacie said...

Laney doesn't pay too much attention to the TV unless its Elmo or Baby Einstein. She likes the music, it makes her dance.

I'm sure you're right, for Isaac, he's so young that he's probably just interested in the movement and colors.

The Grady Chronicles said...

I've done a lot of nursing sitting in front of the TV. Tommy stares at the TV like he seriously knows what he is watching. I hope I'm not rotting his brain.