Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Best Present I Could Ask For

I have come to learn that there is absolutely nothing that I love more, or that makes me happier than this:

I have other moments in my life that come close, but absolutely nothing wraps my heart in love and happiness like the first smile I get from Isaac in the morning when I look into the bassinet to pick him up. I wake up to his coos and kicks, sometimes his harder kicks and fussy squeals, but it never fails that when he sees me, I get a beautiful smile. Yes, I know that he has serious bedhead! Silly baby boy. And I know that techinically we are not supposed to have a pillow in his bed, and we really don't. It's actually a rolled up blanket that protects his little head from the top of the bassinet. He only has about a week left in the bassinet...he is just getting too big.

I have been having a wonderful first Mother's Day. In addition to the handprint, Isaac gave me several other things. With the help of Daddy, he gave me my new laptop that I am typing this on! I have been wanting a new for my work and side business, and Ben has been itching to get the mass quantities of baby photos off his hard drive. Last night I came home from the grocery to find my new (Dell)red XPS! With the help of Nonnie, I got a beautiful baby scrapbook that has wonderful photos of my beautiful baby boy. I cried when I opened it. :) Finally, my husband got me spa gift certificate for a massage, manicure, and highlights/haircut that I am really looking forward to using.

We have just been hanging around the house today, which I what I wanted to do. I busted tail yesterday to get everything done so I could relax today. Isaac and I took a great nap this morning and spent about an hour talking to Nonnie and Nana over the webcam, which was really nice. I am pretty sure that I want a big bucket of that wrong?

We are by ourselves for about another hour and a half, so I am going to lay on the couch with Isaac and watch some CSI M.iam.i before I have to start getting everything ready for another week of work. This week I am working Monday through Wednesday and then Friday. It is going to be a busy, busy week.

Happy Mother's Day, mommas! I hope your day is as beautiful as mine! I know this is not a Mother's Day picture, but I love it. I love my boys! Perhaps they are plotting my next gift (Hint:new camera! :) )


Stacie said...

Awww, those are great photos! Sounds like you are having/had a fantastic first Mother's Day!

To answer your question: I cannot use a mobile in Laney's crib. She can stand up in her crib and totally reach it if I put it in there. My husband said she'd be able to swing off of it even. Knowing her, she'd try.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love those gummy baby grins! Don't they look like little old men?! :)

CJ said...

How wonderful!!!

The Grady Chronicles said...

Love the picture of the boys!!!!! Sounds like you had a great day!