Friday, May 1, 2009

The End is Near....

The end of my maternity leave, that is. The official end of my glorious 14 weeks of paid maternity leave is over on Monday. :( Isaac did well at daycare on Wednesday, and even took his bottle. I kept busy with errands, and for the most part, we both did well on our own. But every time I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the empty carseat base and mirror vacant of Isaac's little smiling heart broke a little bit.

I spent the day cuddling with my baby...wait, I pretty much did that all week. That, and reflect on the past 14 weeks.

My dinners are done. My desk is cleared and ready for Monday morning, complete with pictures of my baby boy. Isaac's daycare box is stocked and his toys are already there. SDI has almost paid me all of my claim (Seriously, Cal SDI...why you make me hate you?). I have new clothes, a new haircut, new makeup. I discussed the direction I want my career to go with my boss. I have started up my supplemental income (I will talk about it one day, I swear). My project list is well underway, as all the files have been cleaned up and organized. I have a cleaning schedule in place. I watch new shows onTV (When you are watching TV to keep yourself awake, you find many an interesting thing) and my DVR is setup and ready to go.

I will return to work with many things accomplished, many things left undone in sacrifice of cherishing every waking minute with Isaac. I return to work a different person, with different priorities and goals. I left an uncomfortable pregnant woman and return a glowing mother.

As sad as it makes me to leave him, and as much as I wish I could remain in my stay at home and in my jammies all day phase of life, it's time to move on. I am ready to tackle the next phase of life as a new working mother, trying to better life for her family. I love my job, and I love my husband and son. As sad as I am, I am also excited. It's time. We are both as ready for this as we will ever be.

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