Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

I am officially back at work, and have been for about 5 hours now. Today has been going pretty well, and the ache I feel for my little Isaac is as minimal as one coudl expect. I am actually going to be pretty busy, so that should keep me distracted. Isaac is at home with my husband today, and from what I gather, he is doing ok. I guess he has been sleeping most of the time. Ben and I went over his routine and such yesterday night, and he was very patient with me. Like, I know he knows where his bibs and stuff are, but it was for my peace of mind and I think he got that.

I took a little "computer hiatus" yesterday, being it was my last day with Isaac on maternity leave. All we did was play and snuggle.

I had a good birthday on Friday...and woke up with a horrible sore throat on Saturday. Yesterday was bad too. I am still so apprehensive to take any OTC meds because of breastfeeding. I have never been so aware of what I am putting into my body as I am now that it is going to another person. Like, even when I was pregnant, I was not this hyper about it. I think it is because I can see the direct effect the differences in my milk have on the baby.

Speaking of milk, my bonding with my pump has begun. So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

I miss my baby boy. :(


CJ said...

I know how you feel, but atleast he is NOT in daycare and home with hubby. That is funny that your hubby doesn't know where his bibs are? My husband is so involved with the twins b/c he HAS to help me out and is a pro! LOL! The life of one baby.

SN said...

if you end up having to take any medication for some reason, this guy - Dr.Hsle is apparently THE expert on what is/isnt safe.

Stacie said...

Oh, I remember returning to work after maternity leave last November. It was awful. Those were some of my very first blog posts.

Pumping at work sucks too. I think I only lasted a few months before my milk dried up. It was getting to be that time anyway. 8 months.

Good luck, and it really will get easier. I promise!