Sunday, May 17, 2009

There's Always a First Time for Everything

These photos pretty much summarize some of the firsts that Isaac has had over the past week or so. Yep, he is holding toys! And now, not just holding them, but scoping them out and putting them in his mouth! This has inpsired me to go through his tub-o-toys and look for suitable ones. Gotta say, as much as they cost, he loves the Baby Einstein ones! His favorite though, is Mr. Elefante which is pictured twice above. Mr. Mono joins in the fun in the high chair pic.
And yes, he is in his high chair! Not to eat of course, but as another place for sitting and general entertainment. During my last cook-off, I noticed that someone was just not a happy camper in his bouncer on my kitchen floor. I think it was something to do with the angle and that he was looking up at everything, etc. Since I needed to get my meals done, the fussiness was just not cutting it and I just couldn't keep bending down to talk to him and get everything done. I caught a glimpse of the high chair and thought to myself "why not?" I mean, he is pretty good and sitting up with little assistance. So off came the big tray and he LOVED it.
And then we have the feet. Since discovering his tootsies, he has been obsessed with them. The other night in the bath, he finally discovered that....gasp! He can hold them in his hands! :)
He also LOVES his Baby Einstein DVDs! We have been watching the Baby's First Sounds, and he really likes do ing the activities with mommy. Can we say "ba, ba, ma, ma, ma....mommy?" :)
And if you recall Monday is Daddy Daycare day. The last two have been um....rough. I have gotten report that someone took almost 2 ounces from his bottle with little fuss! And regular daycare feedings have been increasing in success as well, as on Friday he ate about as much as I was able to pump.
Yay, Isaac Benjamin! You are growing so fast! :)

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Stacie said...

Isn't it so great to capture their firsts [is that a word?] on camera? I do the same thing.

Laney has that same rattle like in the first picture. She still plays with it.

Isaac is so cute. He looks so grown sitting in a high chair. He'll be ready for baby food soon. That is going to be fun and requires TONS of pictures.