Monday, April 27, 2009

B is for...

...Babies R Us. Yes, I went back to my own private hell last Thursday to pick up some things for my baby boy before he starts daycare. Why do I keep going back there, you ask? This is why: I got the bigger carseat, umbrella stroller, some learning toys, the rest of his crib bedding, pump supplies, summer rompers, a bottle warmer for daycare, and some odds and ends that totalled $290 for $175. The baby monopoly bastardos keep sending me discount coupons. I had a handful of my own coupons (I'm telling you new or soon to be moms, get a baby email address and register and every single diaper, baby food and formula, and toy site), plus a few BRU coupons and some $10 off cards. I have learned my lesson, and I do not go alone. I always take a friend with me.

...Baking and Cooking. I have made 5 nights of dinners and froze them for back to work. So far we will be having Chicken Pozole, Pork Adobo, Shepard's Pie, Tia Hessie's Tuna Noodle Casserole, and Chicken Enchiladas. I am going to attempt to make Chili tonight. After that, I only want to make 2 more. That is 2 weeks of dinners.

...Back to work. I officially will be at work this time next week. I took Isaac to daycare last Friday while I got my hair cut and ran some errands. I forgot how quickly these things can be done without being pregnant or toting a baby in and out of the car. I stopped by my office and arranged to come in this Wednesday for an hour or so to reclaim my desk and get re-situated. It absolutely breaks my heart to leave Isaac. I only cried a little when I dropped him off, but I left him when he was happy, so that made it easier. I had myself a good cry in the shower that morning. I am trying hard not to be depressed about it. The bottom line is that this has always been the reality. I have always known I had to return to work. I could take more time, we could afford it, but that will pull from time off I want later in the year, like at Christmas. I am going to take a full 2 weeks then, when everything slows down. Going back to work is for the best, for all of us. I know, I know, Isaac can't be cared for better by anyone but mommy, but in the long run this will make our lives better. Isaac did well at daycare. He was happy for the most part, but still needs some bottle work.

...Bottles and Boobs. As the previous "B" so nicely sequed, Isaac is still have issues with the bottle. I haven't given him one the past two nights, and you will see why in the next "B." I am pretty sure he is still going through a growth spurt because he wants to eat about every 1.5-2 hours again, and my boobs are in milk production overdrive. I am getting a good 5 ounces when I pump, even in mid-day.

...Belly. I think Isaac is developing some acid reflux. He has started to puke (not spit up, puke) more frequently after meals. It makes him pretty upset, and he has returned to the fussiness of his newborn gas in the evenings. Mylicon holds him off a bit, but it wears off pretty quick, I think. If it isn't better this evening, I am calling the pediatrician. He has been so fussy, that he doesn't want to sleep alone. I have had to cuddle him. I have noticed that when on his belly, he sleeps like a rock. But belly sleeping is bad, isn't it? What if it is with Brother Kitty watching over him?

...Birthdays. Isaac celebrated his 3 month birthday on yesterday and hit 13 weeks today. He is getting so big! He laughs all the time now. His new favorite trick is to be pulled from laying into sitting and then he pushes himself up with his legs to our cries of "big boy!" It makes him so happy, so we do it in the morning and the afternoon. Still not so much about tummy time, but he can hold his head straight in line when we do the aforementioned trick. It doesn't flop back, he is able to hold it steady. If I had to fathom a guess, I would say he is at about 12 lbs. And in all the Baby hulabaloo, I completely forget that my 28th birthday is rapidly approaching. Here he is at 3 months:

...Blueberry scone. Seriously. I have been craving one for about 2 weeks now, and no one ever has them! I am on a crusade to find a good recipe, so if you have one....

...Baby nicknames. Oh the things we call our little Isaac: Big Man (this is Ben's), Mr. Man, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Face, Poodle, Oodley Poodley, Pudding, Pudding Pop, Angel Face, and my favorite...Little Monster. :)
...Baby time. My husband is gone for most of this week for a work conference. As much, as we miss him and I know he misses us, I am very glad to have these few days just me and Isaac, before I return to work.


CJ said...

Yes, going back to work is hard, but I am doing the same thing. It's all for the best. I like your B's!

The Grady Chronicles said...

I went to a back to work class at the breastfeeding doctor today. She suggested that if there is bottle trouble, allow caregiver to use a medicine dropper and/or even a medicine cup just enough to get the baby interested in the milk......this might encourage him to take the bottle. Also suggested playtex nipples as they are most like a real boob. They gave us a handout on the bottle thing- when I look it over again I'll let you know if there are any other suggestions that might help!

Aimee said...

I know you do not know me--don't worry I found you through a friend of a friend of a friend type thing. Just a fellow mom blogger! I just had to make a comment to you about reflux---because it is so down played by so many. My first born had it so bad he stopped breathing on me at 3 month and I had to revive him. The Pedi's kept saying he was just a happy spitter because he wasn't crying--when in all actuality it was much much bigger then that. 2 things I learned when trying to row the new mom --reflux baby boat: A.Pedi's know very little about the reflux--they only know minor details--the person you want to see if you are worried is a GI Dr. --I found one after my son stopped breathing and was THANKFUL B. they will probably tell you to use rice cereal in a bottle with breast milk, or give him Zantac...there are much better things out there.
After fighting that fight for over a year of reflux and Dr's knowing jack...I earned the name reflux queen and made it my mission to reach out to ANY mom that has a new baby with it. If you have questions PLEASE feel free to contact me. I am crossing my fingers that my 2nd baby will not be born with it.