Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Isaac and the Fire Trucks

A while back, Ben and I offered up our house for volunteer firefighter training. They just wanted to have different houses to assess and to come up with fire safety plans if our house or one like it was on fire (knock on wood). My only stipluation was that Isaac could get a picture with the fire trucks. :)

And he loved them! There were 2 medium sized trucks with the ladders and hoses, you know the typical red fire trucks. There were a bunch of smaller diesel pick ups too. Ok, they weren't ALL at my house...some of my neighbors had volunteered as well.

Isaac was absolutely fascinated by the lights and sounds of the exhaust and engines. We walked around and looked at them and he got to touch some of the equipment.

A few days ago, we received a "thank you" note from the fire cheif, and it said we could bring Isaac to the station whenever we wanted to. We will definately do that when he is a bit bigger! :)

I wonder if they have a dalmation???? :)


Stacie said...

Aww, that's cute! That's good that he wasn't afraid of the firetrucks and/or their sounds. Very cool :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! And so awesome they sent you a thank you! I don't know why I find that so impressive but I do! :)