Sunday, September 6, 2009


Isaac has been a football fan since birth. No, really. It's true. At 5 days, he was already throwing up his arms for touchdowns.

See? That's even his OSU baby fleece blanket. (PS, that is a NEWBORN onesie hanging off of him! Sob. My baby!)

Ok, so he may have been a little too small to understand what he was doing. And, ok, he probably still is. But he's a Buckeye Baby. And yesterday was the first OSU football game of the season and that meant we had spirit! Since Daddy had to work, we had to wear OSU jammies.

We DVRed the game so Ben could watch it, and he was thrilled when Isaac woke up just before he sat down to watch it (Me, not so much. It was 8:45.) Anyway, he was so excited, I let Isaac stay up an extra 30 minutes to watch some football with his Dad.

You know, that's why Dad's want boys! :) To have a football buddy. And he's got plenty of Buckeye Baby clothes to wear for all the games. And a special one for the Michigan game, coem November. :) Don't even get me started on his halloween costume. :)

Isaac enjoyed it. He liked the whistles. Ben was thrilled he got his first Father-Son Football game. They were both THRILLED when I pulled their attention away for a picture. Thank goodness we have the ability to pause. :) And Guiliani likes the games too. He tries to follow the football on the screen. Seriously.

And the Buckeyes won! :) Isaac wasn't up for that part, he was back asleep by 9:30. We had to have a whole conversation about how to watch football while the baby is sleeping, SCREAMING at the TV and no loud cheers and claps. When I was pregnant last season, I swear every time Ben would yell, Isaac jumped in my belly. SWEAR.


Stacie said...

He's so cute! He was so tiny, and he still looks the same...but different. Oh you know what I mean.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Oh, he is SO cute! And you changed your blog! I love the new look!

I changed things around a bit, too, and started a new blog. Come check it out and tell me what you think!