Thursday, September 10, 2009

There's a First Time for Everything

I am so excited to say that for the first time, my husband and I (and Isaac of course) will be taking our first vacation as a family, the first vacation that does not involve, a wedding, or our families!

Don't get me wrong, we ABSOLUTELY love to go back and visit our families and we are always thrilled when they come to visit. And I love to be a part of my friend's weddings and to help them with their special time.

But we need to get away as a family, just us. We need to go somewhere we want to go, and to not feel obligated to go anywhere or see anyone.

We decided to take this vacation over my fabulous 5 day weekend, which was referred to as a vacation. Um, no. I still had to clean, make dinner, etc. Therefore, it was not a vacation...just like a mini break from work. Oh, it was fabulous. But NOT a vacation by any means.

I booked the flights today! We will be escaping to Nort.h Caro.lina in December for 4 days! (NOTE: the actual trip is actually 6 days...flying takes up alot of time. And Isaac needs layovers when we are literally going coast to coast.) I know it is a ways away, but it was really the soonest we can finangle. And the longest. Yes, we are THAT busy and booked up.


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Stacie said...

Ooooh, how fun! We haven't gone on a family vacation yet.

Any reason in particular for choosing N. Carolina? Just curious.