Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Isaac and the Swings

We have been taking Isaac to local parks in the evenings to get him (and us) some fresh air. One park has a nice long walking trail, horse trail, and dog park. The other has a creek and pond (that I fell into while sampling for work), baseball fields and swimming pool, and rose garden. Both have swings, of course.

And Isaac LOVES the swings. LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEES them! He laughs and shrieks and smiles while Ben or I gently push him. He seems so small in the swing and I am still afraid he is going to smack his face on the front of it, so I put a blankie in front of him. Plus, let's face it. The swings are dirty. I don't want his mouth on them.

Last night we even ventured down the slide. I got some dirty looks from a crotchety old grandma who seemed to think that Isaac was too small for the swings and slide and that the whole playground was for her grandchildren.

And those little shoes he is wearing? Robeez! LOVE THEM! Those are blue with sharks on them. I have been scouring ebay for more. I refuse to buy my baby a $30+ pair of crib shoes.


Stacie said...

Isaac looks like he's having so much fun. How fun!

P.S. I hate how expensive baby shoes are. And, they grow out of them so quick. Drives me crazy.

The Grady Chronicles said...

Oh my gosh- you may now have ebay robeez competition. I want Robeez too but also have not been able to fathom the idea of $30!!!

LOVE the park pics. We are headed out on a walk now and I am determined to get to the park with the swings for babies!!!