Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Victoria's Secret

Dear Victoria's Secret:

For 5 years, I worked for you. I sang your product praises. I sold your credit card. I worked long hours training your employees all across the board, setting your floorsets to perfection and prepping visits, reviewing numbers and learning product information. I worked your insane schedule that involved coming into work at 4 am and other times leaving at 4 am. I had your required 24/7 open availability and accepted your 4 month holiday blackout period. For 5 years, you owned me. And I was fine with it. I thought you were a fantastic company that took care of its own. I defended your integrity because I believe that your employees mattered. I believed we weren't just numbers. I made some of my greatest friends through working for your company. I believed in your products and developed a brand loyalty that was very strong. In my opinion, no one made a seamless pushup bra that was invisible under clothes better than you. I would have bought it whether or not Adri.ana was wearing it.

Even when I left to pursue other endeavors, I was still loyal. I was still blind.

For the friends that remain in your clutches afraid of retribution, I speak up. For those who don't, I stand beside in solidarity.

I understand the nation is in a state of economic crisis. Sales are down everywhere, and companies are making cuts to save money and as many jobs as possible. When I heard the news that your company was doing the same, I understood. The retail market has been hit hard, and layoffs were undoubtedly inevitable as were pay cuts. I listened as calls came from friends when they learned news of their positions and pay. I gave hugs to those who were devastated by the loss of their employment and wages.

I was certain that in this time that was so harsh on everyone involved that your company would show remorse for having to let go those who had dedicated their lives to meeting your demands.

Several weeks ago, I heard the announcement of the annual MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Fashion Show.

POOR TASTE, Victoria's Secret. EXTREMELY poor taste. It sickens me to think that producing a show that costs so many people their salaries and jobs is on your list of priorities. It seems to me that what would help your revenues is not watching a highly overpaid supermodel strut down an overpriced runway wearing something that is "kind of but not really" available in stores, but a knowledgeable, friendly employee dedicated to their position in your stores. It would be more beneficial to keep your employees to develop and sell your product. It is rubbing salt into fresh wounds. When those models hit the runway this year, they are further stomping down every single employee that was let go or had their salary cut. They are literally kicking them when they are down.

To me, a past employee and consumer, I can no longer walk into one of your stores without seeing lavish and unnecessary expenses. Is your expensive packaging necessary? Sure, its nice. How many people were let go so you could still afford that packaging, that was only to be thrown away? How am I supposed to work with this snooty little girl who could care less about her job and was hired only because she came with a cheaper price tag wage?

Your image is fading. The brand name that commanded such respect before has diminished in my eyes. I no longer respect you. Your world-wide known logo no longer portrays class and enterprise. It symbolizes greed and dishonesty.
Your integrity as a company is shattered in my eyes. Your logo sickens me. I am angry at your insensitivity and cruelty. Clearly, the blood, sweat and tears that so many put into you mean nothing and continue to go unrecognized and unappreciated. It becomes more and more apparent that the driving force behind this company is corporate creed.

We were and will always be just numbers to you. Workhorses that pad your pockets and those of your supermodels. Nothing more.

And now that pushup bra remains unsold somewhere in your store because there is no one to stock it and sell it to me. You got rid of them.

Truely Yours No More,


Anonymous said...

I hope you sent that to them. I thought they were great too, while I was in college. I thought only they made the best undies in the world. Then I grew up, bought my $5 pack of undies at Target (which are softer btw), and haven't been in there in years. Sorry for your friends who lost thier jobs. :(

CJ said...

I hope you sent that to VS.