Monday, August 31, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend....

This weekend was TOO HOT. Hello, California? Not so much fun to jump from low 80's to 104 back to 80's.

Saturday was rough because it was sooo damn HOOOOOTTTTT. Isaac just couldn't nap, so he was tired and fussy. And uncomfortable. Around 2:30, I gave up the napping fight and loaded him into the air conditioned car and we went shopping to spend Daddy's hard earned moolah. We bought some Christmas presents from....gulp....Toys R Us. Yes, I went back there. Diaper genie refills were on sale! And now that we can't change Isaac in the pack n play anymore, we go through them like no other. Plus he needed more cereal and those bastards have the biggest selection. And...the R Us locals are the only place I can find the Valupacks of the Pampers 2-3 size.

Anyway, we also loaded up on clearance 18+months clothes for next summer. They were buy one, get one for $1, so we got some shorts and swim trunks.

And I got the Handy Manny phone. It was on clearance and I had a coupon so it cost like $7. It will be for Christmas. I also realized that this store buys used video games in exchange for Toys R Us credit. Guess how we are buying the rest of Isaac's presents?

Why am I shopping so early? And why am I shopping at my nemesis stores? Well, simple. I hate them. But I hate them MORE with crazed holiday shoppers. Last year we picked up the crib 2 days before Christmas and had to listen to employees explain to the same shopper 50 times, that the Wii Fit mat, was not in fact, the actual Wii Fit bundle which they had been sold out of for days. Nope, still isn't the bundle when you take it to a different employee. Nopers, the sign in the empty display that says "we are currently out of stock and do not know when the product will be delivered" still means that they are SOLD OUT. Maybe next time don't wait until 2 days before Christmas to buy the hot item of that year, hmmmm??? And quit cutting in line to further illustrate that you are stupid and annoying and can't read. Thanks.

So I am getting all the toy shopping done now, while I have coupons and while stuff is in stock. Is it worth saving a few more dollars when Christmas sales roll around? No, my sanity and the safety of other customers who have the potential to irritate me is not worth saving an additional buck or two. Plus then I can enjoy the holiday season with Isaac at home, watching Rudolph, baking cookies, and wrapping presents while the psycho cats try to knock ornaments off the tree. :)

We also hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond to get these freezer cubes. We are starting meats this month, and I want to use these. I have been stockpiling the 20% off coupons since May and we got 5 of the 2 ounce and 3 of the 1 ounce sets for $30. Hurrah! :)

And we took a stroll into Pe.tCo as well, so Isaac could see the kitties, birds, and fish. And so I could try to find a flap to cover the litter box door because Isaac is THIS CLOSE to crawling and I have visions of cat poo in my child's hands. NOT SO MUCH. And I didn't find one, but I have an idea on how to rig one up. :)


This weekend was TOO SHORT.

Like the past 7+ months, it went by too quickly.

I finally folded up the baby clothes that have been waiting to be put away. They were in the bassinet. The bassinet that my baby hasn't slept in for over a month.

The bassinet that when he started sleeping in the crib, I still pulled right next to the bed just in case....and for my own security. Without it right next too me, there was too much space. It felt empty.

The bassinet that I worked so hard to get Isaac into, from his co-sleeper, from my arms at night.

The bassinet that I put him in a few days ago while I went to the bathroom and didn't want to leave him on my bed. He screamed because it was too cramped. He hated it.

It broke my heart.

When did he get so big? When did that happen?

The bassinet needs to be packed up soon. It just sits against the wall and I throw clothes and pillows into it. It just makes me so sad to move it.

And I packed up the bassinet sheets and waterproof pads. I took out the blanket. I just stared at the empty bassinet. :(

Isaac sits up on his own. He is pulling himself up on his knees adn . He is feeding himself Che.erios and Gerber puffs.

He's just growing so darn fast.

This weekend was a good one.

We went to the Bod.ega Bay Seafo.od, Ar.t and Festival. I scarfed some beer battered fries and bacon wrapped BBQ prawns (Did you mouth just fill with saliva? Cause mine did!). Friend A and I did wine tasting while Isaac attracted the attention of all the ladies. TRUE STORY. For some reason, they flocked to my baby and not the others in the tent. What can I say, I have a ladies' man on my hands. We bought some awesome shell jewelry and had a great time. Then we went swimming. Isaac loves the big boy pool. We floated around in his raft, then I took him out and bounced around with him. Just for fun, I flipped him onto his tummy, and I SWEAR TO GOD the child stretched out his arms and started kicking his feet. I think I have a swimmer on my hands.

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