Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm A PC

The majority of Isaac's family lives thousands of miles away. We knew that it was going to be rough on everyone, having the first grandchild, nephew, great grandchild, so far away. And we knew that having a baby would put a hinderance on the amount of time and money we could spend traveling.

In a effort to make things a little better, Ben and I purchased web cams for both sets of our parents last Christmas. That way, they can see the baby and vice versa. And it started right away. Like, when I was in labor at the hospital right away. Everyone saw the baby hours after he was born.

It was hard when Isaac was itty bitty newborn size, and even before he could sit up unsupported (oh, did I mention he has been doing that for weeks now?). It is way more fun now because he can focus on the computer screen and what is moving on it. And he even does tricks.

Well kinda. :)

Anyway, he has become quite adept and I think he needs to be on one of those windows commercials. :) Something like:

"Hi. My name is Isaac. My family lives real far far away from me. My mommy and daddy need a good computer that has lots of memory and a fast processor because everyone needs to see the thousands of photos they take of me. And they gotta see me in action, so it needs a built in webcam with wireless capabilities cause I move real real fast and they have to follow me around.

I'm a PC. And I'm 8 months!" I just sit back and wait for the contract to come in right?! :) Who do I call about this?


The Grady Chronicles said...

Freaking cute. I wish Tommy would sit up unsupported :(

Anonymous said...

Ooo, we do this too! Which program do you use? We've been using Skype lately, and it works 95% of the time, but sometimes only one side of the connection works. I told my mom she has to visit more often so B doesn't grow up thinking she lives inside the computer. :)