Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hospital Tour

Lamaze class went well last night, but it was soooo long. It lasted about an extra hour and we didn't have time to get dinner beforehand because we looked at a condo. Therefore, I had to sacrifice my mac and cheese for a mexican pizza. No worries, the mac and cheese is here for lunch today. :)

Anyway, class started out kind of rough. One of the other girls in my class had her water break on Sunday morning. She is 29 weeks. Now she is down at UCSF until they will deliver her baby early on December 15. I think that puts it at 34 weeks. Scary. I can't imagine having to do that and having to stay in the hospital that long. :( I think we are going to send her some flowers or something.

We went over interventions in class. It was horrible. The C-section video was horrible. Epidurals make me want to barf. The idea of a vacuum on my son's head made my skin crawl. I didn't do well. We did an exercise in which we had 15 cards with opposite birth elements on each side, like one side said vaginal birth, the other said C-section. We had to lay out all the cards as to how we saw our birth playing out. We talked about the support we would need from our partners for this birth. Then we had to take 5 away. Like flip them over to the stuff we didn't want and talk about the support we would need again. Then we had to do the same again, so we were only left with 5 of the original 15 elements we had chosen. It was difficult, because it got down to 7 things I really didn't want to budge on. But it was a very good exercise because it really helped us evaluate what was most important to us in the birth.

We ran late because we took our hospital tour early, so we could end class a week early and not go into December. I was so pleased with the maternity ward at the hospital. It is so private and small. All the birthing rooms have showers and are very spacious and open. The afterbirth rooms are the same. The only room I didn't like was the OR for C-sections. It looked scary. :( They will deliver a baby at that hospital from 36weeks +, otherwise they will transfer to SRMH or UCSF. Knock on wood.

So that makes next week our last Lamaze class. I am pretty happy with the way the class has gone. I am OK with it ending early. There is so much to get done.

Tomorrow I am taking a half day to go help friend D take her twin baby boys to the doctor for their shots. Then I have a lecture on new discoveries in blue whales (yes, I am a science geek). On Saturday morning, I originally planned to go to the DMV (long story), but I am so tired I am skipping that and making an appointment for next week. I do have to do my glucose test thought. Then I am stopping by the animal shelter to help with the Christmas mailing. On Sunday I am meeting friend K to start planning the CA shower and go on a stroller hunt. Hopefully, the train kits come this weekend so I can get started on those as well. I have the paint, ribbon, and glues but I think I may need some beads of some sort or some other type of embellishment.

So much to do, so little time!

Oh, my hips do feel much better. And today is officially 27 weeks! According to I am now in the thrid trimester! :)

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The Grady Chronicles said...

The dog did not eat the money!

We have our hospital tour on Wednesday night. I know what you mean about all of a sudden there is a ton of stuff to do. Friday we are meeting with a pediatrician. Tomorrow I am meeting with payroll at work to discuss my leave. I need to sign up for a breastfeeding class. Have you started to have any baby related nightmares?